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MultiVap has 8 sample positions and enables the user to evaporate to dry or concentrate into a fixed end-point volume.

The MultiVap Automated Concentration Evaporator System is a microprocessor-controlled concentrator that provides unattended, rapid sample evaporation. It increases the capacity and sample throughput in laboratories, eliminates concentration bottlenecks and maintains quality and lower costs. This instrument has 8 sample positions and enables the user to evaporate to solid state or concentrate into a fixed end-point volume.

The MultiVap efficiently concentrates samples prior to analysis by LC/MS or other analytical instruments. Laser sensors automatically stop gas flow when evaporation has reached its end-point, thereby eliminating the risk of drying and loss of volatile compounds. The system is suitable for evaporation of large volumes after liquid-liquid extractions.

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Features of MultiVap Concentrator
  • Vortex nitrogen purge provides rapid concentration. The location and direction of nitrogen purge can be adjusted according to the concentration cup volume and sample quantity.
  • Built-in nitrogen gas regulation device controls the nitrogen flow and evaporation speed.
  • Operation process can be visibly observed through front window with backlit, and no need to check the residual volume by taking out sample cups.
  • Sealed concentration chamber has a high efficient vapor exhausting function.
  • Automatically detect the endpoint – no monitoring required.
  • Up to 8 positions supports 200ml & 50ml concentration cups simultaneously.
  • 8 laser infrared laser sensors control individual sample volume.
  • The concentration cups can be placed on the liquid handler of GPC/SPE directly.
  • Heating controlled water bath can reach the temperature from ambient to 99.9.
  • High liquid level alarm and high pressure alarm ensure convenient and safe operation.
  • Touch screen control interface.
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