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A good evaporation assistant after Sepaths SPE process.

The E.T. system is a 6 channel Parallel Nitrogen Evaporator. It is one of the sample preparation instruments, applying for general-purpose or regular laboratories. Collection vials of Sepaths AutoSPE can be placed into E.T. concentrator directly. It has unique visible evaporation design, operator can freely observe sample status during the evaporation process.

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Features of ET Concentrator
  • Compared with the traditional rotary evaporator, E.T. system with 6-channel can process 6 parallel samples simultaneously, thereby increasing laboratory throughput sample processing capability.
  • The nitrogen flow rate of each channel can be adjusted independently. The nitrogen purge needle in each channel can be adjusted up and down independently.
  • The system uses a well-developed 208 intelligent temperature controller to set and calibrate temperature, using thermocouples to heat aluminum block, and the designed aluminum block structure makes each channel the temperature uniformity very well. The temperature difference RSD is less than 5%.
  • The sample volume is up to 40ml. The concentration tube is 40 ml of glass vial with scale and can be used for different instruments. Without transferring, samples are directly concentrated, thereby reducing transfer loss and improving recovery.
  • The system is compacted (length 300mm, 170mm, thick 120mm) with only 5 kg weight, and can be placed at random in a fume hood.
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