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It provides flexible options of integrating different sample prep steps into one economical package.

The PrepElite Total Sample Preparation Station provides flexible options of integrating different sample prep steps into one economical package. Three combination models, PreElite-GV, PrepElite-SV, and PrepElite-GVS, can run a variety of processes including cleanup, extraction, and evaporation in a single step. The PrepElite solution increases sample throughput while reducing errors and poor recoveries. It also provides a cleaner background and eliminates cross contamination due to its advanced closed loop system design.
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Features of PrepElite-GV SamplePrep. Station
  • Fully integrated station of three essential sample preparation systems: Liqvap concentration system, Autoclean GPC clean-up system and Sepline Automatic Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) system
  • Easily reconfigurable sequence of operation, such as Concentration->GPC clean up -> Concentration ->SPE
  • Flexible modular design, allowing Autoclean and Sepline to be used in series or independently
  • Highly efficient Liqvap, providing sample concentration option, enabling sample concentration to meet the requirement of next clean-up or analysis
  • Valuable solvent recovery function of Autoclean, significantly reducing the amount of solvents used
  • Enclosed system design, preventing evaporation of organic solvents, removing the need to use a fumehood
  • Fully automated operation; up to 120 samples can be loaded at a time and run sequentially
  • Great choices of sample collection vials; samples can be directly collected to GC/HPLC injection vials, eliminating the losses during sample transfer
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