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The extra-large chamber capacity of the RSC 450 and 700 litre Priorclaves is a must for any laboratory undertaking hi...

The extra-large chamber capacity of the RSC 450 and 700 litre Priorclaves is a must for any laboratory undertaking high-volume throughput sterilizing procedures or are frequently tasked with handling tall and bulky items. Despite their large rectangular chamber and high loading capacity the autoclaves require only a relatively small floor area are fitted with castors for easier positioning.

To suit a diverse range of applications within food and drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agriculture, education, healthcare and research laboratories Priorclave is able to supply these extra-high capacity autoclaves with different heating systems - electrical or direct steam heated or they can be fitted with an in-built steam generator.

Buying into the Priorclave brand means first-class support at all times to ensure you maximize the efficiency of your sterilizing procedures at all times.

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Features of RSC Large Capacity Autoclaves
  • Lower handwheel on door is fitted with thermal and pressure locks to prevent opening at load temperature above 80°C and pressures above 0.2 bar.
  • Tactrol 2 microprocessor control with simple and fully variable setting of process time, temperature with graphic indication of cycle status.
  • Automatic timed free-steaming.
  • Water cooling jackets.
  • Pre-cycle vacuum in which multiple Vacuum stages are programmed with interspersed heating to achieve steam penetration. Incorporates Vacuum Assisted Cooling
  • Pulsed freesteaming to maximize efficiency of Pre-cycle vacuum phase.
  • Low water level sensor.
  • Post Cycle Drying.
  • Two full width non-tipping stainless steel load shelves.
  • Epoxy coated panels and frame members are treated with an anti-bacterial agent which is effective against all bacteria and fungi including MRSA.
  • Pressure vessel carries a 10 year warranty and is insurance approved.
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Priorclave - 450L

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Priorclave - 450L Steam Heated

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Priorclave - 700L

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Priorclave - 700L Steam Heated

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