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Save valuable bench space with Thermo Scientific™ Dry Block Heaters, featuring precise temperature control...

Save valuable bench space with Thermo Scientific™ Dry Block Heaters, featuring precise temperature control resolution in a compact design. Heaters can be used up to 130°C, and feature a built-in temperature-sensing probe for improved accuracy and control. The anodized aluminum modular blocks accommodate test tubes, square cuvettes, microcentrifuge tubes, 96-well plates, PCR plates and conical-bottom centrifuge tubes. Dry block heaters hold 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 interchangeable modular blocks to accommodate a variety of vessels.Heaters are ideal for fixed temperature applications. 
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Features of Dry Block Heaters


  • Number of block configurations meet the needs of virtually any application. * Compact design is ideal for tight space locations. * Digital units utilize a PID microprocessor controller with digital temperature set and easy-to-read LED display for accurate and reproducible temperature control. * Analog units feature bimetallic dual thermostat control. * Powder-coated steel body construction ensures durability. * Chemically resistant design meets the needs of the laboratory environment. 

    Analog Units: * Ideal for fixed temperature applications * Temperature control at 37°C: ±3.5°C, with uniformity of ±0.5°C * Dual temperature control for precise control over two ranges: low range slightly above ambient to 60°C, high range 50° to 130°C * Read thermometer and adjust knob controller to desired setpoint 

    Digital Units: * Temperature control at 37°C: ±0.5°C, with uniformity of ±0.4°C * Setpoint easily adjusted via up and down arrow keys on front of unit * Modular block mounts on a single temperature probe in Dry Block Heater bottom, for optimum temperature accuracy and control 

    Compatible with Dry Blocks: * 1.5mL × 20 tubes (2069Q) * Combination (2076Q) * 0.5mL × 30 tubes (2068Q) * Titer plate (size of 2 blocks) (2065Q) * 6mm × 30 test tubes (2070Q) * 10mm × 24 test tubes (2071Q) * 20mm × 8 test tubes (2074Q) * 25mm × 6 test tubes (2075Q) * 12.5mm × 12 cuvettes (2066Q) * 12-13mm × 22 test tubes (2072Q) * 15-16mm × 12 test tubes (2073Q) * 15mL × 12 conical tubes (BKX39Q) * 50mL × 4 conical tubes (BKX42Q)

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