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The new Thermo Scientific™ 253 Ultra™ high resolution isotope ratio mass spectrometer revolutionizes the...

The new Thermo Scientific™ 253 Ultra™ high resolution isotope ratio mass spectrometer revolutionizes the measurement of site-specific and clumped-isotope-ratio analysis of molecules. Analysts now get direct access to the conditions under which molecules were formed, how they were transported, stored and degraded. This will enable new discoveries in climate research, biochemistry, forensics, oil and gas exploration.
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Features of 253 Ultra high resolution IRMS

Mass resolving power greater than 18.000  The new 253 Ultra HR-IRMS combines a 10 kV electron impact ionization source, a high-mass-resolution double-focusing magnetic-sector mass analyzer, and a variable collector array. This system delivers a guaranteed mass resolving power of 18.000. High, medium and low resolution are selected automatically by each method using a switchable entrance slit. 

Ultimate abundance sensitivity  The variable collector array covers a dynamic range of signal intensity >10 orders of magnitude, ranging from collection of the more abundant ion beams in Faraday cups to single ion counting of very rare ion species. Very small signals can be analyzed with the axial secondary electron multiplier, which is equipped with our unique RPQ retardation lens for ultimate abundance sensitivity. 

Modular concept  The 253 Ultra HR-IRMS includes two dual viscous flow inlet systems for handling up to 3 reference gases together with the sample. Based on our modular dual inlet design each dual inlet can be exchanged as required to avoid cross contamination depending on the sample types that are being analyzed. 

Fully integrated workflow  The new Thermo Scientific Qtegra™ intelligent scientific data solution revolutionizes the procedures of isotope ratio analysis by fully integrated workflows making high resolution isotope ratio MS a routine tool. Qtegra software combines all experiments related to a specific sample in one “lab book“ organizing data acquisitions, combining and computing data streams, presenting final results of even complex analysis.

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