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The new PCE-FD 20 UCI hardness tester works with the ultrasonic contact impedance method (UCI) and can be used for...

The new PCE-FD 20 UCI hardness tester works with the ultrasonic contact impedance method (UCI) and can be used for quick non-destructive hardness measurement of metals and alloys, based on the standardised international hardness scales Rockwell (HRC), Brinell (HB) and Vickers (HV). Non-ferrous metals, iron alloys and similar materials can be measured using five additional scales of hardness. The tensile strength of pearlitic carbon steel products on the basis of the Brinell (HB) hardness scale can be determined by means of a scale of tensile strength (Rm). 
This hardness tester is perfectly suitable for hardness measurements of thin steel sheets, thin-walled or complex structures, metal coatings, pipes, tanks and many more objects. 
The device is very easy to use, has a compact design and it does not matter whether the sample is small or large. The thickness must be at least 1 mm but there is no restriction on the weight of the part to be tested. 
The measurement ranges are 20 … 70 for Rockwell, 90 … 450 for Brinell, 230 … 940 for Vickers and 370 … 1740 MPa for tensile strength. Users can rely on highly accurate results. 
The data can be read out from the large graphical display with backlight, saved to the internal memory and transferred to a computer by means of the USB cable. 
The PCE-FD 20 consists of an electronic unit and a probe and is delivered in a carrying case with two batteries and a charger, as well as a USB cable and an instruction manual.
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Features of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector PCE-FD 20
  • wide measurement range * user-friendly menu * measures hardness of products regardless of weight (minimum 10 g) and thickness (minimum 1 mm) * large graphical display with backlight * battery level indicator * internal memory * PC connection possible * extended temperature range * frost protection, operating temperature up to -20 °C
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