PCE Instruments - Steel Structure Residual Stress Analyzer PCE-SSR 20

Manufactured by  PCE Instruments
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The PCE-SSR 20 is designed to evaluate mechanical properties such as the hardness of metal and certain ferromagnetic...

The PCE-SSR 20 is designed to evaluate mechanical properties such as the hardness of metal and certain ferromagnetic alloys, as well as residual stress and to test chemical-thermal, thermal and thermo-mechanical treatments, all without destruction. It can also be applied to determine the steel grade of a ferromagnetic surface layer. 
This steel structure analyser is mainly used for testing lifts, cranes, pipelines, pressure vessels and numerous other products made of metal, e. g. as used in the engineering sector. 
The PCE-SSR 20 steel structure analyser is composed of a probe consisting of an electromagnet with an integrated Hall sensor and detachable pole pieces, and an electronic unit with a display. 
The device has an averaging function which can consider 99 results. It has a memory capacity of up to 100,000 values which can be read out from the display with adjustable levels of brightness or transferred to a computer. All results are time and date stamped. The smart sensors store calibrations. Basic and additional materials and scales can be calibrated. 
The PCE-SSR 20 steel structure analyser, consisting of an electronic unit and the probe comes with an AC adaptor for charging, a PC connection cable, a software and an instruction manual. The device itself and all accessories are supplied in a useful carrying bag.
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Features of Steel Structure Residual Stress Analyzer PCE-SSR 20
  • non-destructive measurement * date and time stamped results * real-time measurement * data can be viewed on display or PC * adjustable display brightness * audio selection * language selection * probe with optional display and buttons to control the main functions * 99 results can be considered by the averaging function * predictive averaging function * memory capacity up to 100,000 measured values * additional scales and materials can be entered for calibration * calibration mode: basic and additional scales * smart sensors able to save calibrations
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