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Viscometer for measuring viscosity in oils / battery powered / Measurement of millipascal second and dezipascal se...

Viscometer for measuring viscosity in oils / battery powered / Measurement of millipascal second and dezipascal second / 24 ... 30 hours operating time / Set of measuring spindles (R1 ... R3) included in delivery

The viscometer is a measurement tool for the study of liquid materials. The viscometer PCE RVI-7 enables a rapid and flexible measurement of various products. The low weight of the viscometer allows measurements in different places. In addition, it goes about fully assembled unit, in which only the measuring spindle and batteries must be inserted. Right after you can start the measurement. By default, a set of the measuring spindles R1, R2 and R3 is included. These can be screwed to the spindle holder on the basis of a threaded hole. Exactly for fast measurements the viscometer PCE-RVI 7 is suitable, as it is delivered fully assembled and remains in this condition. Thus, the measurement of viscous materials can be started directly after the start of the device. During the measurement, the viscometer provides quick and usable results concerning the viscosity of the medium being measured. Due to its weight, the instrument can be taken quickly to other locations. Thus here as well a quick statement about the viscosity can be made. As a result, the viscometer is suitable for quality control in establishments where it is to be used in different areas.

The sample container can be fixed due to holes in the stand base of the viscometer. Thus, a non-slip measurement is possible. The instrument offers the possibility to display the measured value in the units millipascal second and decipascal second.

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Features of Viscometer PCE-RVI 7
  • Measurement in millipascal- / dezipascal second
  • permanent speed (62.5 rpm)
  • Long term use (24 … 30 h in continuous operation)
  • Measuring spindles R1 … R3 included
  • Wide range of applications
  • LC display with multiple display
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