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Eppendorf Centrifuge Model 5810 / Refrigerated Model 5810 R

Unparalleled versatility                              
Featuring powerful, maintenance-free motors, these models accommodate a variety of rotors to meet your application needs. They are three centrifuges in one: a high-capacity, general-purpose centrifuge for cell harvesting; a high-speed centrifuge for separating cell lysates; and a microcentrifuge for DNA precipitations.                              
Model 5810 and refrigerated Model 5810 R* offer maximum application versatility and popular tube capacity, accommodating up to 4 x 400 ml tubes or 16 microplates. These compact, benchtop centrifuges achieve remarkable throughput of up to 48 x 15 ml or 20 x 50 ml conical (Falcon®) tubes.                              
* U.S. Pat. 5,496,254                              
Falcon® is registered trade mark of Becton Dickinson.
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Features of 5810/5810R

Eppendorf Centrifuge Model 5810 / Refrigerated Model 5810 R                              

Product features                              

  • Interchangeable swingbucket and high-speed fixedangle rotors                              
  • Spin up to 14,000 rpm, or 20,800 x g                              
  • Low-profile 11.2 in/28 cm access height for easy sample loading                              
  • Automatic rotor recognition senses rotor type to set maximum allowable speed—ensures safety                              
  • Fast, simple programming of time, temperature (refrigerated models), speed/ g-force and radius value                               o 34 user-defined programs                               o Adjustable-speed Short Spin button                               o Ten acceleration and braking rates                              

Simple operation                              

  • Speed, g-force and radius correction values can be entered                              

  • Values can be changed during centrifugation                              

  • Temperature range from –9 °C to 40°C, with Fast Temp function for rapid cooling of the centrifuge chamber*                              

  • Standby cooling* maintains temperature when not in use                              

  • Speed can be set from 200 rpm to maximum speed in increments of 10 rpm                              

  • Short Spin button                              

  • Selectable program memory for up to 34 individual user programs                              

  • Ten acceleration and deceleration rates for sensitive sample material                              

  • Refrigerated Centrifuges 5804 R and 5810 R only; 5810 R U.S. Pat. 5,496,254

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