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Safeguarding Your Health at Work>

Worry-free Weighing

Benefitting from METTLER TO...

Safeguarding Your Health at Work

Worry-free Weighing

Benefitting from METTLER TOLEDO's extensive expertise in manufacturing laboratory instruments, XPE balances offer a winning combination of reliable performance with truly ergonomic operation.

Whether you need to weigh several kilograms or just a few milligrams, patented weighing technologies deliver accurate results whilst ergonomic design features and accessories provide you with outstanding comfort to protect your health as you carry out your daily tasks.

Worry-free weighing with the XPE balance portfolio

XPE balances incorporate a multitude of intelligent design features to bring you balances with the ease of use you want and the accuracy you require.

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Features of XPE Precision Balances
  • Reliable Results for Years to Come: Durable and easy to clean, XPE precision balances offer high readability and repeatability for milligram to kilogram samples. The extraordinary stability provided by the innovative SmartPan™ weighing pan enables you to weigh-in with 1 mg readability without a draft shield. Even in a fume cupboard, 5 and 10 mg models deliver results up to twice as fast. Repeatability is improved up to two-fold. Quality management features like the new StatusLight™ give you fast, confident weighing in any laboratory.
  • Innovative new Weighing Pan: Operated in this challenging environment without a draft-shield, the innovative SmartPan™ delivers results in as little as half the accustomed time and improves repeatability by up to 50%. There is an integrated drip tray and the balance is fully cleanable in just seconds.
  • High Speed Weighing Cell for Accurate Results: XPE precison balances have at their heart a MonoblocHighSpeed weighing cell for guaranteed performance. With IP54 in-use protection and a metal housing, the weighing cell is fully protected against dust, spills and damage from harsh chemicals: You can be assured of a long-lasting balance.
  • Ease of Compliance: The StatusLight built into the terminal uses color to indicate intuitively the status of the balance such as proper leveling: Green means ready, yellow is a warning, and errors are shown with red. The StatusLight clearly communicates if the balance is ready for you to start your weighing task.
  • Intuitive Operation: The SmartSens infra-red sensors built into the terminal enable you to perform selected balance operations at the wave of a hand e.g. weigh, tare, or even send results to the printer. Weighing processes are more ergonomic and you avoid cross contamination.
  • User Guided Workflow Management: METTLER TOLEDO’s LabX® software provides flexible SOP user guidance on the balance touchscreen. With automatic data handling, calculations and reports, balances powered by LabX easily fulfill the highest process security and traceability requirements and support your moves towards a paperless lab.
  • Ergonomically Designed for Health: Up to 1 in 50 employees may develop repetitive strain injury from long periods of work at a balance. The new ErgoStand is expertly designed to ensure good posture. By making your users more comfortable and efficient, your laboratory ultimately benefits from increased throughput and reduced downtime.
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