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Routine centrifugation with moderate sample throughput

This highly advanced 24-place model is unbelievable quiet and equipped with a number of innovative features. The Centrifuge 5424 and Centrifuge 5424 R set new standards for silence, speed and simplicity – for others to follow! The micro centrifuge standard in your lab – refrigerated. It features all the benefits already combined in the Centrifuge 5424 and adds the patented cooling feature for temperature sensitive samples.
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Features of 5424/5424R

Product features of Centrifuge 5424 and 5424 R     

  • Very compact size     * Very silent operation, even without the rotor lid     * Low access height – for easy loading and unloading of the centrifuge     * Can be equipped with four different rotors:     

    • Standard 24-place rotor, aerosol-tight     
    • 24-place rotor, aerosol-tight, PTFE coated for increased chemical resistance     
    • 18-place Kit rotor for processing spin-columns with open tube lids     
    • 4 × 8 PCR strip rotor     * Two different operation panel     * Rotary knobs for fast and easy setting of parameters     * Foil version for easier cleaning of the front panel     * Automatic lid opening following centrifuge run – prevents sample warming (can be optionally deactivated (only 5424))     * Separate Short-spin button – for fast and short spins     * SOFT-brake to protect delicate samples     

    Additional cooling features of refrigerated Centrifuge 5424 R     * Patented compressor technology minimizes vibrations – protects your precious sample!     * Temperature range: –9 °C to +40 °C     * Small footprint and low access height of 26 cm, as refrigeration unit is at the rear of the unit     * Maintains constant 4 °C at max. speed     * Fast Temp for rapid pre-cooling of the centrifuge within 8 minutes from ambient temperature 23 °C     * Continuous cooling maintains temperature when centrifugation process is not active

General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

No. of rotors: 4        
Acceleration time to max. rpm: 16 s        
Braking time to max rpm.: 15 s        
Soft ramp: Adjustable

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  • Microcentrifuge Model 5424

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