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Manufactured by  Thermo Scientific
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The versatile Centrifuge Sorvall Legend 23R has a capacity for 48 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes and can be equipped with up to 13...

The versatile Centrifuge Sorvall Legend 23R has a capacity for 48 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes and can be equipped with up to 13 different rotors accommodating the 1.5/2.0 ml micro tube, 15 ml and 50 ml conical tubes and micro plates. Menu guided operation in combination with available rotors make the Sorvall Legend 23R applicable for a wide range of applications.  
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Features of Sorvall Legend 23R

Maximum productivity  

  • The Legend 23R excels in a wide range of applications including nucleic acid purification, PCR cleanup, plasmid mini-prep, protein processing and forensics.  
  • Its flexibility with its extensive rotor library (12 rotors) extends the capabilities of this unit. Ideal for shared labs.  
  • Auto-lock feature allows for easy rotor exchange. Ideal for users who convert between microplate and microtube rotors. Provides significant time savings that increases productivity—so you can accomplish much more in less time.  

Excellent Value  

  • Sorvall is recognized worldwide for exceptional performance and durability.  
  • The addition of the FiberLite 48 place rotor provides the Legend 23R with the competitive edge – higher capacity and performance ability. Allowing you to spin more tubes at a faster rate- resulting in savings of time and money.  

Protection and Assurance  

  • True biocontained accessories. CAMR- approved biocontained accessories Protection and assurance for users that spin toxic or infectious materials desiring aerosol containment.  
  • High performance refrigeration system ensures samples are kept at 4C even when unit is run at maximum speed. This precise temperature control ensures no sample degradation and better quality of separation leading to improved results.  
  • Exceptionally quiet with a 57dBA, so you can conduct your research all day long without distraction.  

Expand capacity with the NEW Fiberlite carbon fiber 48 place x 1.5/2ml High Capacity microtube rotor for HIV Nucleic Acid kits in one hour or less! (14,000 rpm/23,000 xg)

General Specifications
Centrifuge Type High Speed
Maximum CapacitySwing-out 4 x 200 mL Angle: 6 x 100 mL
Maximum RCF36668 xg Angle
Maximum Speed23000 rpm Angle
Depth 25 in
Height14.7 in
Width 23.03 in
Power Requirements 230V, 50/60Hz
Weight187.4 lbs
Additional Specifications

Max RCF Swing-out: 3,074 x g  
Max Speed Swing-out: 4,400 rpm   
Dimensions (H x W x D) crated: 22.44 x 28.35 x 31.10 in

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