Beckman Coulter - Airfuge Air-Driven Ultracentrifuge

Manufactured by  Beckman Coulter
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With the ability to provide a simple, rapid method of removing chylomicrons (fat particles in lipemic samples), the...

With the ability to provide a simple, rapid method of removing chylomicrons (fat particles in lipemic samples), the Airfuge CLS delivers accurate results for lipemic clarification. Lipemic samples can be cleaned in 10 minutes, eliminating the need for sendouts.    
The super-compact Airfuge Ultracentrifuge is a gigantic asset for your laboratory. It pellets nearly any material that can be sedimented in a full-size centrifuge or ultracentrifuge— right on your workbench and in a fraction of the time.    
The Airfuge’s remarkably short run times result from the combination of high g-forces and short path lengths. And run time is shortened even further by rotor acceleration to full speed—110,000 rpm at 199,000 x g— as quickly as 30 seconds.
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Features of Airfuge Air-Driven Ultracentrifuge

The easy-to-operate tabletop centrifuge:    

  • Reaches top speed in as little as 30 seconds.    
  • Decelerates smoothly to help keep sample contents separated.    
  • Operates just a few degrees above ambient temperatures.    
  • Offers run timed runs up to five hours, with hold position for long runs.    

The Airfuge CLS offers enhanced versatility with a variety of rotors:    

  • Batch rotor pellets particles from a large sample.    
  • Electron microscopy particle-counting rotor (EM-90) sediments particulates from very small volumes onto supports suitable for insertion into an election microscope.    
  • Four fixed angle rotors (A-110; A-100/18; A-100/30; and A-95) generate the high speeds and forces necessary to perform a variety of tasks.    


  • Binding studies    
  • Lipoproteins    
  • Clarification of lipemic samples    
  • Proteomics    
  • Sample preparation for electron microscopy    
  • Soluble solid/total solids ratios for food processing quality assurance
General Specifications
Centrifuge Type High Speed
Maximum RCF199000 xg
Maximum Speed111000 rpm
Depth 15 cm
Height8 cm
Width 11 in
Power Requirements 120 V, 60 Hz or 220 V, 50 Hz
Weight23 lbs
Additional Specifications

Drive system: Air turbine drive    
Air pressure at ultracentrifuge for routine operation: 30 psig (210 kPa)    
Acceleration time: 30-60 seconds    
Deceleration time: 2.5-5.5 minutes    
Speed control: Air-pressure regulation    
Speed readout: By conversion of air pressure reading from instrument gauge. An optional Digital Speed Readout Accessory (347592) is available.    
Braking system: Coasting, then frictional braking by engagement of brake pin.    
Timer: 0-300 minutes in five minute increments, HOLD for longer runs.    
Finish: Control panel: coated polycarbonate. Top surface: urethane paint. Other surfaces: general purpose paint.

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