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This analyzer is a full-range model, using the same analytical technique as the LA-920. The flexible optical system and...

This analyzer is a full-range model, using the same analytical technique as the LA-920. The flexible optical system and sampling options allow the measurement of a wide range of materials from 0.02 to 2,000 microns. The software combines powerful data handling features, automation, and an easy operator interface.
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Features of LA-910


The fast and flexible LA-910 gives you results in 20 seconds - all the way from 0.02 um to 2,000 um - with no optical changes. A powerful computer provides a convenient operator interface for instrument control, color graphics, data management and retrieval. The rugged dispersant-circulation system and the stable optical system deliver what you need on the job in a user-friendly package: performance, flexibility and reliability.

The flexible LA-910 is designed in anticipation of your growing and ever-varying needs in the future of particle size distribution analysis.

The LA-910 uses an optical system especially developed by Horiba. Multiple light sources and a large-diameter lens with low optical aberration plus low wavelength light measure particle size distribution across the entire range of 0.02 to 2,000┬Ám - in 20 seconds with no need to adjust lenses. Even with samples where the distribution range is not known there is no longer any need for range selection.


The powerful software package combines a number of useful data handling tools, an easy-to-use operator interface and informative instrument control features.

The Real-Time Display shows the particle size on a second-by-second basis. This allows the user to check for sample dispersion or for the presence of bubbles and other interferences in real time.

Not only does the LA-910 allow you to display particle-size distribution data in a variety of formats; it also gives you the flexibility to manipulate and process the data freely. The LA-910 has the power to meet the most stringent demands for high-level data processing in the laboratory.

Built-in text conversion function allows you to process data to meet the needs of each job. Conversion to standard ASCII file format is done automatically for easy transporting of data, directly or by modem, to a host computer or LIMS.

Flexible graphic function allows a variety of display formats, including overlapping curves and expansion of displayed range

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