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Empowering Traditional Mass Spec

ZipChip™ uses integrated microfluidic technology to prepare, separate by capillary electrophoresis (CE), and then electrospray (ESI) biological samples directly into traditional mass spectrometers (MS). 
In less than 3 minutes per sample, the cost-effective ZipChip analyzes a broad range of matrices from growth media to cell lysates, blood, plasma, urine and biopharma products. ZipChip delivers answers on analytes from small molecules and peptides up to intact proteins, antibodies and antibody drug conjugates; providing better separation quality than most liquid chromatography instruments — in a fraction of the time — all with full MS identification behind every separations peak. The ZipChip interface simply mounts onto your mass spectrometer for seamless integration with existing data collection and processing.
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Features of ZipChip

New Technology for Speedy Answers  ZipChip uses cutting-edge microfluidic technology to integrate capillary electrophoresis and electrospray ionization on a chip about the size of a microscope slide. This eliminates junctions between individual components and removes the dead volume that slows and degrades analytical quality in conventional separation techniques. Select ZipChip HS for small molecule and peptide mapping, or ZipChip HR for intact large molecules — and off you go. 

We Value Your Precious Samples  ZipChip needs only a few nanoliters of sample for analysis, which is great when your development samples are precious. When your lab has high demand, the low-volume and friendly background electrolyte provides analysis that is gentle on your mass spectrometer. ZipChip provides minimum downtime and maximum quantitative stability over time. 

One Step Prep  A single pre-programmed method works across sample types, typically with electrolyte dilution, as your only step in sample prep. De-salting is automatically taken care of. ZipChip saves time and ensures answers are derived from samples in their native states.

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