Beckman Coulter - GS-15/GS-15R

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The Beckman GS-15 Centrifuge Series is a collection of compact, space saving, high-performance centrifuges that...

The Beckman GS-15 Centrifuge Series is a collection of compact, space saving, high-performance centrifuges that efficiently processes large quantities of biological samples in a short period of time. Our GS-15 Centrifuge models have a maximum capacity of 720mL which can accommodate 1.5 to 100mL tubes, deep-well and microtiter plates and 180mL bottles. Non-refrigerated and refrigerated centrifuge models are available in this series. 
Engineered to meet virtually all multiple application requirements, these GS-15 systems are equipped with a top-quality brushless induction drive which allows for seamless, quiet, continuous, and low-maintenance operations. Each centrifuge in this series is equipped with robust and reliable steel barrier ring located in the chamber combined with a rotor bucket for protective coverage against hazardous samples. 
This leading-edge centrifuge series characterized the combined capabilities and performance of both a general-purpose benchtop centrifuge and a refrigerated centrifuge in one innovatively designed laboratory equipment. 
Beckman GS-15 Centrifuge 
The GS-15 model is a workhorse centrifuge equipped with a vast range of advanced safety sensors, carriers, and rotors suitable for low to high-throughput spinning of multiple volume samples. This centrifuge is engineered with a reliable digital display capable of clearly presenting high-precision sample diagnostics and is able to run at a maximum speed of 14000 rpm with a fixed angle rotor. 
Beckman GS-15R Centrifuge 
The GS-15R model is integrally designed to help optimize laboratory efficiency on specific processes such as binding studies, immunoassays, protein extraction and concentration, as well as sample preparation. With the use of its dependable automatic door interlock and informative digital display, lab technicians can easily and accurately track the entire centrifugation process. This refrigerated centrifuge model can run at a maximum speed of 14000 rpm capable of accelerating or decelerating in just one touch of a button.
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