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A Simple Pass-through Protocol

Ostro™ Pass-through Sample Preparation Products provide a novel solution for phospholipid and protein removal. Using a simple pass-through protocol and requiring minimal or no method development, this sample cleanup technology can be quickly implemented in order to optimize your laboratory's workflow.

  • Effective for Protein and Phospholipid removal
  • Improves reproducibility for more consistent, robust methods
  • Increases throughput with an easy-to-implement protocol
  • Works great for Biological samples (Plasma, Serum, whole blood, etc)
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Features of Ostro Pass-through Sample Preparation Products


The universal single-solvent sample preparation method used in the Ostro Pass-through Sample Preparation Plate makes it easy to implement protein and phospholipid cleanup, while delivering high recoveries. Proven to work with a wide range of acidic, basic, and neutral compounds, this technology provides superior results with improved reproducibility for more consistent, robust methods. Unlike the Protein Precipitation (PPT) method, Ostro Pass-through Sample Preparation Plates remove phospholipids that can build up on the analytical column and foul the mass spectrometry source. Ostro also requires much less sample preparation time to obtain optimal recoveries for diverse analyte sets than liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) or solid-supported liquid extraction (SSLE).


Ostro Pass-through Sample Preparation Plates streamline sample processing and optimize sample throughput because they require no method development, significantly reduce sample preparation time, are easy to automate and provide results faster. Ostro’s direct inject capability provides further time savings by eliminating dry-down and reconstitution steps. In contrast to PPT, the Ostro Plate has been shown to effectively remove signal-interfering phospholipids. This provides particular benefits when steep, fast ballistic gradients are used for analyzing large numbers of samples in a short period of time. By removing phospholipids, Ostro Sample Preparation Plates prevent them from building up over multiple injections, thus increasing system uptime and overall productivity.


As a major source of matrix effects, phospholipids contribute to assay variability, decreased sensitivity and unpredictable mass spectrometry results. Unfortunately, many commonly-used sample preparation techniques, such as PPT and LLE, do not remove phospholipids. The Ostro Plate provides the best solution to this dilemma by offering more complete phospholipid cleanup than any other competitive technique and removes variability, even across multiple lots of human plasma, thus providing consistent, comprehensive, superior results.

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