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The Original and Most Referenced Silica-Based SPE Products

A diverse selection of formats and silica-based sorbents provide the ideal sample extraction solution for GC, HPLC, and UPLC analysis methods.

Available formats:

  • Cartridges
  • 96-well plates
  • µElution plates
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Features of Sep-Pak SPE

Sep-Pak Cartridges

Sep-Pak Cartridges are available in a variety of designs, each offering specific functional benefits. All design formats contain the same high-quality packing sorbents, thus making transfer of methods from one design to another straightforward and predictable.

Sep-Pak 96-Well and 96-Well µElution Plates

Sep-Pak Plates enable high throughput solid-phase extraction with the same silica sorbents that have been proven for years in Sep-Pak Cartridges. The plate design has been optimized for automated sample handling systems as well as for standard vacuum manifolds. Sep-Pak Plates are available with different silica sorbent mass selections to optimize sample loading.

Sep-Pak Chemistries

All Sep-Pak Cartridges contain the high quality sorbents and chemistries that provide highly reproducible SPE results. Sep-Pak products are available in more than 200 chemistry and format combinations for convenient sample preparation methods based on reverse-phase, normal-phase, ion-exchange, and application-specific specialty chemistries. Regardless of your sample type, i.e. chemical, environmental, food, or biological analytes, there is a Sep-Pak product to suit most applications.

Specialty Sorbents

  • Sep-Pak DNPH
  • XPoSure™ Aldehyde Sampler
  • Ozone Scrubber
  • Sep-Pak Dry
  • Sep-Pak PS2 Styrene–DVB copolymer
  • Sep-Pak AC2 Activated Carbon
  • Sep-Pak Carbon GCB
  • Carbon Black/PSA and Carbon Black/Aminopropyl
  • Porapak™ RDX polymeric divinylbenzene-vinylpyrrolidone
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