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The next generation online differential viscometer

The ViscoStar III incorporates automated thermal bridge tuning to ensure perfect bridge balance every run, a patented pump pulse suppression system that eliminates pressure fluctuations due to the pump without loss of chromatographic resolution, and dual-Peltier thermal control for optimal isolation of the temperature-sensitive bridge from room temperature variations.

A highly sensitive, on-line differential viscometer used in conjunction with SEC-MALS to determine the size and conformation of all types of biopolymers, synthetic polymers and even proteins and peptides.

The ViscoStar® III incorporates multiple novel technologies to provide the highest sensitivity, stability and solvent compatibility of any available viscometer for GPC. Its ease-of-use and serviceability make it the perfect companion for Wyatt's DAWN® HELEOS® II light scattering and Optilab® T-rEX refractive index detectors.

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Features of ViscoStar III

When coupled with size-exclusion chromatography and a concentration detector such as the Optilab T-rEX, the ViscoStar III derives the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of polymers. An inherently valuable physico-chemical property in itself, IV is best utilized together with molar mass information from multi-angle light scattering (SEC-MALS-IV) to derive the hydrodynamic radius, conformation, and branching ratio of a macromolecule in solution.

Key benefits of the ViscoStar III:

  • High sensitivity, equivalent to 0.1 µg of 100 kDa polystyrene in THF at 1.0 mL/min injected onto a standard GPC column
  • High dynamic range of over 135,000:1. The full measurement range corresponds to over 13 mg/mL of 100 kDa polystyrene in THF
  • Extended solvent compatibility with all-316 stainless steel transducers
  • Temperature range from 4°C - 70°C for polymers or proteins that require a range of temperatures
  • Minimal band broadening thanks to fast pressure transducers
  • Pump pulse suppression to below 4 Pa (hardware alone) or 1 Pa (hardware + software) without loss of chromatographic resolution
  • Automated capillary bridge tuning with no moving parts, to guarantee a perfectly balanced bridge, every run
  • Enhanced thermal stability with drift of <2.5 Pa/hour
General Specifications
Depth 60 cm
Height17 cm
Temperature Range4 to 70 °C
Viscometer TypeKinematic
Width 36 cm
Additional Specifications

Sensitivity (minimum detectable sample): 
0.1 Μg of 100 kDa polystyrene in THF at 1 mL/min, under typical GPC conditions 
Differential pressure noise: 
< 0.05 Pa 
Differential pressure range: 
6.9 kPa, protected against overpressure 
Dynamic range: 
0.5% of full scale 
Differential pressure drift: 
< 2.5 Pa/hr 
Capillary bridge autobalance: 
Thermal, leak-free mechanism 
Sample shear rate: 
5000 Hz with water @ 1 mL/min 
Max. flow rate: 
Aqueous: 1.5 mL/min; THF: 3 mL/min 
Delay volume options: 
8.1, 5.4, or 2.7 mL standard; 16.2 mL optional* 
Max. permissible pressure inlet to outlet: 
690 kPa 
Wetted Materials: 
316 stainless steel, PTFE, zirconium silicate, Kalrez®, Inconel, 26-1 Stainless Steel 
Ambient Range: 
0°C  40°C, 20% to 70% RH 
20 bits 
Integration time: 
0.1 sec to 20 sec, increments of 0.1 sec

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