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The versatile cutting machine: from precision cut to large samples from manual cutting to automatic regulation

MECATOME T 300 is a robust, powerful and reliable cutting machine integrating the latest technologies to ensure easy use and simple maintenance. Ø 250 or 300 mm cutting disks combined with variable speeds allowing for optimum cutting results with all types of materials. The design means that large and bulky shaped components can be cut, as well as bars.
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Features of MECATOME T300

With manual cutting, the user may adjust the disk speed before or while cutting without need to stop the machine. It is also possible to move the table forwards or backwards during cutting, to permanently modify the cutting angle: harder-to-handle materials may therefore be cut without need for excessive effort.       

With automatic cutting, the following functions optimise results:       

  • variable disk speed for precise disk adaptation according to the material       * variable movement of the table for the rapid cutting of easy-to-handle materials or small items, and the slow cutting of hard-to-handle materials or large items.       * adjustment of effort thresholds to optimize forward speed according to the resistance sensed during cutting and to accelerate cutting to an optimum.       * direct cutting function for the rapid processing of easy-to-handle materials       * pulse cutting function for hard-to-handle materials, enhancing the cooling down of the workpiece and the regeneration of the disk       * programmable cutting length function to gain time in mass cutting, or stop cutting at a given distance.       * rapid return function at the end of cutting and automatic stopping of the machine enabling operator free cutting.       * rapid positioning of the table to reduce adjustment time prior to cutting.       

    The powerful and silent motor is controlled by the frequency inverter to increase reliability over time and ensure a high level of safety with progressive acceleration (no sudden movements in transmission) and the immediate stopping of the disk. The frequency inverter will also ensure a constant torque independently to the load applied.       

    The control panel combines all machine commands and access to functions:       * variable disk speed       * variable feed speed for the table       * programmable cutting length       * manual or automatic cutting       * direct cutting or with pulse cutting system       * programming of effort thresholds to regulate forward motion       

    The MECATOME T 300 working table is deep and wide, allowing for the application of the different fixturing systems often used with larger machines. Double rapid-grip vices, or vices for long items, as well as Kopal clamps can be attached to the table. A transversal table is available as an option, enabling the cutting of slices without need to disassemble the workpiece or for precise positioning.       

    The transparent cover and inner lighting provide optimum visibility. Gas absorbers mean the cover can be opened and shut easily. Extensive cover clearance simplifies access to the working table and the handling of vices. It is also possible to Install rubber curtain in the side openings to cut large workpieces or bars which overhang the machine.       

    The liquid filter system using mobile and cleanable filters allows for cutting without the need to handle cutting sediment, enhancing the quality and finish of cutting. The clean liquid can also be used to effectively and rapidly clean the machine with the spray nozzle. The low lying base of the cutting compartment also simplifies cleaning, guaranteeing an extended life cycle for the MECATOME T 300.       

    The 55-litre cooling tray combined with a powerful pump and a multi-jet watering system (on the disk and on the workpiece to be cut) ensures the optimal cooling of the workpiece       

    A Ø 75 mm sleeve, available as an option, allows a vapor extractor to be connected, reducing condensation within the cutting compartment and increasing visibility.

General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Cutting disc Ø 250 to 300 mm       
Variable speed from 1000 to 4000 Rpm       
Motor power: 3.7 KW       
Manual and automatic cutting       
Forward motion speed of the table from 10 to 125 mm/min       
Direct cutting or pulse cutting mode       
Regulated and adjustable forward motion according to resistance       
Programmable cutting length       
Quick positioning of the working table       
Electronic control panel with digital display       
Cooling tank with powerful pump and filter system with cleanable mobile filter       
Spray nozzle for cleaning       
Lighting of cutting compartment       
Built in accordance with EEC standards

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