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The RPA flex, Rubber Process Analyzer, is the new standard in rotorless rotational shear curemeters.

The RPA flex, Rubber Process Analyzer, is the new standard in rotorless rotational shear curemeters.

The RPA flex, Rubber Process Analyzer, is the new standard in rotorless rotational shear curemeters. In addition to the standard tests of cure at fixed strain and frequency, the RPA flex can be configured to include variable strain, frequency, advanced LAOS testing, and sample pressure measurement. The RPA flex features a wide range torque transducer and variable sealing pressure and pressure sensor. Employing sealed biconical dies, the RPA flex meets all relevant ASTM, ISO, and DIN standards for rubber and elastomer characterization. The unique design includes an ultra-rigid test frame, variable direct drive motor, precision temperature control with optional cooling, available Autosampler, and powerful Scarabaeus Control and Analysis Software, making it the ideal platform for QC or R&D environments.

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Features of RPA flex
  • High resolution variable direct drive motor for absolute strain control
  • Proprietary high stiffness, wide torque range transducer with high sensitivity for noise free data
  • Extremely rigid test frame for accurate compliance free data
  • Upgradeable to the widest range of tests and testing conditions
  • Fully programmable variable testing parameters (strain, frequency, temperature, and closing pressure)
  • Available autosampler for unattended operation
  • Pneumatic locking cylinders with adjustable platen closing force and pressure sensor
  • User calibration and user replaceable seals
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

0.1 to 2.0 Hz (6 to 120 cpm) 
Optional: 0.001 to 50 Hz (0.06 to 3,000 cpm) 
Standard: ±0.1 to ±7° arc (continuous) 
Optional: ± 0.005 to 360° arc (continuous) 
Standard: ±1.47 % to ±100 % 
Optional: ±0.07 % to ±5000 % 
0.0001 to 25 Nm 
Ambient to 230 °C 
Maximum Ramp Rate  
80 °C/min (1.33 °C/s) 
Die Type  
Sealed bicone, 0.48 mm gap 
Sample Volume  
4.5 cm3 
Platen Sealing Pressure  
Fixed: 4.5 bar 
Optional: 2 to 8 bar adjustable 
Sample Pressure  
Optional: 0 to 8,500 kPa 
Test Modes  
Standard Method 
Curemeter/Vulcanisation both isothermal and temperature ramp 
Optional Methods 
Strain (sweep, offset, LAOS) 
Frequency Sweep 
Stress Relaxation 
Advanced (multi-frequency, abitrary waveforms) 
Measured Data  
Torque, Temperature, Frequency, Amplitude, Sample Pressure (optional) 
Calculated Data  
Standard: More than 550 process parameters including: ts1, TC10, TC50, TC90, Smin, Smax, scorch time, cure rate, and viscoelastic properties including: G, G, G*, S, S, S*, tan Δ, Η, Η, Η* 
Optional: LAOS Lissajous curves, non-linearities in stress and strain 
Standard: ASTM D5289, ISO 6502, DIN 53529 
Optional: ASTM D6048, D6204, D6601, D7050, D8059; ISO 13145

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