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Laser 40% more powerful than any other on the market, 6 positions carousel for accurate and precise Cp measurements.

Laser Flash DLF 1600 is the best performing high temperature diffusivity system today available.

Discovery Laser Flash DLF 1600’s source module is a freestanding unit employing a custom Class 1 35 J Nd:Glass laser pulse source. It provides a collimated, monochromatic energy pulse to specimens heated up to the temperature of 1600°C. The laser radiation is delivered via a proprietary fiber optic delivery wand which ensures a 99% homogenized laser pulse. Leading to much more accurate measurements than any direct firing laser pulse instruments. The laser source produces a 300 µs to 400 µs pulse width. DLF 1600 furnace employs a MoSi2 heater, a high-purity alumina muffle and a specimen holder, supporting continuous operation up to six specimens from RT to 1600°C in air or inert gas, or in vacuum to 10-3torr. Coaxially symmetrical heat zone, specimen carousel’s design, and thermocouple located at its center ensure an extremely uniform specimen temperature uniformity. The baffle structure prevents turbulence interference on the thermogram signal and assure accurate measurements especially up to 1600°C. The module includes an LN2-cooled IR detector. Simple to operate and safe to use, the system is suitable for research and development programs, as well as quality control.

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Features of DLF 1600
  • Nd: glass Laser pulse source
  • Alumina muffle tube furnace; vacuum up to 10-3 Torr
  • Room Temperature to 1600oC operation
  • High Power MoSi2 Heater
  • Six sample carousel that holds 12.7mm diameter specimen
  • LN2-cooled InSb detector
  • Data acquisition: 16 bits
  • Air, purge gas, and vacuum Atmosphere
General Specifications

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Additional Specifications

Temperature Range: RT to 1600°C

Laser Nd: Glass

Pulse energy: variable up to 35 J

Pulse width: 300 µs to 400 µs

Transferline: proprietary fiber optic wand

Furnace: MoSi2 heater; coaxially symmetrical heat zone; Alumina muffle tube furnace

Configuration: Modular structure

Thermal Diffusivity Range: 0.01 to 1000 mm2/s

Thermal Conductivity Range: 0.1 to 2000W/(m·K)


  • Thermal Diffusivity: ±2%
  • Specific Heat: ±3.5%


  • Thermal Diffusivity: ±2.3%
  • Specific Heat: ±4%

Detector: LN2-cooled InSb

Data acquisition: 16 bits

Autosampler: 6 positions carousel

Sample Dimension:

  • diameter: 12.7mm
  • thickness: up to 6mm

Atmosphere: air, inert, vacuum (10-3torr)

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