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An accurate, easy-to-use instrument for measuring thermal conductivity

The FOX 314 Heat Flow Meter is an accurate, easy-to-use instrument for measuring thermal conductivity according to ASTM C518 and ISO 8301. Operating in standalone or PC-controlled configurations, the FOX Heat Flow Meter provides rapid, accurate results. The instrument features proprietary thin film heat flux transducers, digital thickness measurements and responsive temperature control. The FOX 314 is a versatile instrument and is especially well-suited to measuring slices of cellular plastics.

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Features of FOX 314
  • Conforms to ASTM C518 and ISO 8301
  • Easy-to-use, rapid results
  • Stand-alone or PC-based operation
  • Solid state cooling/heating
  • Thickness measurement to 0.025 mm
  • Two Thin-Film Heat Flux Transducers
  • Suitable for R&D and QC testing
  • WinTherm software extends flexibility
  • Available Autosampler for unattended high-throughput productivity
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Maximum Sample Thickness: 102mm (4″)

SampleSize: 305 x 305mm (12 sq. in.)

Temperature Range: -20 °C to 75 °C

Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.01 °C

Absolute Thermal Conductivity Accuracy: ±2%

Reproducibility: ±0.5%

Thermal Conductivity Range: 0.005 to 0.35 W/m K (0.035 to 2.4 BTU in/hr ft2 °F)

With External Thermocouple Kit: 0.001 to 2.5 W/m K (0.007 to 17.3 BTU in/hr ft2 °F)

Heat Flux Transducers Area: 100 x 100mm (4 sq. in.)

Available Options:

  • Autosampler
  • External Thermocouple Kit

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