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The stackable incubation shaker

Three CERTOMAT® BS-1 incubation shaking cabinets can be stacked up and run independently each on its own program. Due to the adjustable mass compensation system there is no need to reduce shaking speed of the upper units – all units can be run with full load at top speed.   
Temperature, shaking speed and illumination can be defined and stored in five programs with four steps and one pre-step each. Safety features include visual and acoustic alarms, a memory function for automatic re-start after power failure, and recording of the time and duration of interruptions. An integrated spill tray prevents any liquid media from broken flasks from entering the mechanical system.   
The CERTOMAT® BS-1 is available with a choice of two shaking amplitudes and with or without integrated cooling. Further optional accessories are an illumination unit, a support frame and an additional incubation grid that can be mounted in the upper part of the cabinet. The interior of the incubation cabinet is completely made of polished stainless steel. IQ/OQ documents for use of the CERTOMAT® BS-1 in validated processes are available.
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Features of CERTOMAT BS-1
  • Stacks three units high with full speed   
  • Capacity 6 + 5 L flasks  
  • Adjustable mass compensation for maximum speed  
  • Fully programmable  
  • Five programs with four steps and one pre-step each  
  • Integrated cooling system optional  
  • Illumination unit optional  
  • Speed of 40 to 400 rpm  
  • Comprehensive alarm system  
  • Stainless steel interior
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Stacking: Up to 3 units, without speed reduction  
Illumination: 90 W (5 + 18 W), max. 2.500 Lux  
Orbit: 25 to 50 mm, according to version  
Setting, display: Alphanumeric key pad, LCD  
Programming: Up to 5 programs with 4 steps and 1 pre-step, with cycling  
Programmable parameters: Speed, time, temperature, illumination  
Memory function: Restart after power failure  
Alarms: Acoustic and visual  
Air circulation: Approx. 180 m3/h

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