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IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS is a laser-based high-content imaging system featuring IRIS confocal technology to optimize...

IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS is a laser-based high-content imaging system featuring IRIS confocal technology to optimize cellular imaging for all sample types and experimental goals.   
  • Biological relevance: Optimized hardware and features for 3D and live cell imaging   
  • EDGE confocal: Increased contrast in thick samples allows for better visualization and segmentation of biological structures   
  • Smart scanning: Spend less time imaging and reduce data load by only imaging objects of interest   
  • Speed and sensitivity: Higher throughput and faster frame rates for single and multichannel imaging   
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    Features of IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS System

    A full confocal HCA solution    Designed for high-throughput, speed, and sensitivity, IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS is a third-generation laser-based confocal imaging system from GE Healthcare. Building on the capabilities of earlier IN Cell Analyzer systems, IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS performs a wide range of high-content assays from basic multicolor fixed-cell assays to the most complex 3D- and live-cell assays. Multiple hardware and software improvements increase imaging speed and enabling acquisition of the highest quality images—even for demanding 3D samples such as spheroids. Combined with new IN Carta software, which simplifies image analysis workflows, IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS enables users of all levels to perform powerful analysis as part of a complete HCA solution from assay to answer.   

    Biological relevance    IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS is designed to eliminate systematic variability and give you confidence in your results. With reliable autofocus under all conditions, vibration isolation, and environmental control designed for uniformity, you can be assured that your data is a true representation of the biological phenomena in question.   

    EDGE confocal    Contrast is the most important thing to consider when automated image analysis is generating your data. The higher the contrast, the more reliable the segmentation and quantitation. The IRIS confocal design uses an adjustable virtual aperture to optimize image quality for each individual channel. Building on the benefits of IRIS, EDGE confocal technology dramatically increases contrast in thick samples while preserving the quantitative information you need for reliable analysis.   

    Smart scanning    The difference between a standard microscope and an automated HCA system built for screening is primarily a person's intervention and their time. A common approach to solving this problem is to image everything. Smart scanning features on IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS can automate the human element and reduce the total time and data load by finding structures of interest and inspecting them in more detail.   

    Speed and sensitivity    Technology is constantly evolving and IN Cell Analyzer platforms are keeping pace. With the latest sCMOS camera technology, IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS provides lower noise, shorter exposure times, and faster frame rates. In addition, hardware optimizations tailored to multichannel experiments increase both speed and throughput for 2D and 3D experiments

    General Specifications

    There are no General Specifications available.

    Additional Specifications

    Automation Compatible with most commercially available laboratory automation systems   
    Camera sCMOS   
    Depth 63.5cm / 25.0in   
    Height 66cm / 26in   
    Imaging Modes Widefield (open aperture)   
    Proprietary line scan confocal   
    EDGE confocal   
    Transmitted light   
    DIC (optional)   
    Phase contrast (optional)   
    Light Source Four laser lines (405, 488, 561, 642)   
    White LED for transmitted light   
    Objectives Room for up to four objectives    
    Supplied with 10×/0.45   
    Objectives available from 2-100x (optional)   
    Weight 107.5kg / 237lbs   
    Width 112.8cm / 44.4in

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