Anton Paar - PBA-W Generation M

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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The days of running through different labs and using different instruments are over!

The days of running through different labs and using different instruments are over!

The PBA-W Packaged Beverage Analyzer for Wine is a single modular system that determines density, alcohol, total extract, CO2 content and other important quality parameters of your wine and sparkling wine. You can optionally expand the system to measure turbidity, pH, and O2. No sample preparation is required – your sample is measured directly from the filled bottle.

Up to six times faster than conventional systems, PBA-W is an indispensable, highly accurate time- and work-saver for wine and sparkling wine producers.

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Features of PBA-W Generation M

Highest precision in only 4 minutes

  • Excellent results in only 4 minutes, with no sample preparation required
  • Determines CO2 content, alcohol content, and total extract from the original package in a closed system - without loss of CO2 or alcohol

Complete wine analysis in one measuring cycle

  • Determines all parameters from only 120 mL to 150 mL sample
  • Optional measurement of oxygen, turbidity and pH
  • Measurement of wine, sparkling wine, sake and cider

The simplest adjustment and calibration

  • Adjustment/calibration with water and an alcohol/water solution
  • One single adjustment is valid for all samples

No sample preparation

  • Less time required for your analysis
  • Better repeatability & reproducibility

Comfortable and safe

  • Measuring time: 4 minutes
  • Modular design (Plug and Play)
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Safe and clean sample handling with the SFD or PFD/PFD Plus filling device
General Specifications
Sample Size120-150 ml

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