Anton Paar - EC-Twist DMTA

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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EC-Twist is a dynamic mechanical analyzer for DMTA analysis on solids as well as liquids.

EC-Twist is a dynamic mechanical analyzer for DMTA analysis on solids as well as liquids.

The modular system performs measurements in torsion and extension and is the first DMTA solution that can also be used for shear rheological experiments – at unprecedented precision.

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Features of EC-Twist DMTA


  • EC-Twist can be used to analyze solutions, melts, solid bars, films, foils or reactive resins
  • Performed on highly diverse samples for full flexibility ensured by a wealth of different measuring systems and temperature devices
  • DMTA tests in torsion or extension, as well as shear viscosity determination and extensional rheological tests Fully digital instrument employing the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology
  • High-precision air bearing, including a patented normal force sensor

Ease of use

  • Toolmaster™: Patented system for automatic recognition of measuring systems and accessories
  • Quickfit coupling: Easy, one-hand measuring system connection in both drive units
  • T-Ready™: Reduced waiting times by detecting and signalling sample temperature equilibration
  • Wide range of measuring systems for all kinds of applications
  • USB connection to computer/software
  • Ethernet connection for remote control of the instrument through the company network
  • RheoCompass™: User-friendly application software

High precision

  • Decoupling of sample pretension (stepper motor) and excitation (EC motor) considerably increases the system's precision for solid bar measurements
  • EC-Twist's peak performance is based on technological highlights such as the air-bearing-supported, synchronous EC motor, TruRate™ sample-adaptive motor control, TruStrain™ real-time position control or the patented normal force sensor

Wide range of accessories

  • Devices for temperature control ranging from -150 °C to 1000 °C
  • Special accessories for DMA and DMTA measurements, rheo-optics, magneto- and electrorheology, interfacial rheology, UV curing and many other applications
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