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The oxygen content is a crucial parameter for the taste and shelf life of beverages.

The oxygen content is a crucial parameter for the taste and shelf life of beverages. Oxy 510 is an inline oxygen sensor which measures dissolved oxygen (DO) in real-time. It provides accurate, drift-free measurements throughout the entire production process.

Oxy 510 extends the Anton Paar portfolio for multiple-parameter analysis of beverages and can easily be combined with additional process sensors to meet all future production and quality control requirements.

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Features of Oxy 510

One sensor for two different measuring ranges

Oxy 510 is able to perform highly accurate measurements in the trace range (0 ppb to 2000 ppb) as well as in the wide range (0 ppm to 22.5 ppm). Switching between the ranges is conveniently done by simply exchanging the sensor cap.

Clever sensor caps with Toolmasterâ„¢

The two different sensor cap types are equipped with Toolmasterâ„¢ technology which enables auto detection of the sensor cap in use and the automatic transfer of all parameters to the sensor.

Your benefits:

All human errors are minimized. The exchange of the sensor cap itself is quick and easy. All required parameters are stored in the sensor cap. Once the cap is mounted, inline measurement can start immediately. Thus, manual calibration and set-up are no longer necessary and downtimes are minimized.

Statemaster: Easy planning of sensor cap exchange

Replacement of a sensor cap is now a predictable work step that can be planned and integrated into regularly scheduled downtimes. Oxy 510 estimates the remaining service life of the sensor cap at any time and warns you when a new sensor cap is required.

Hygienic design

Oxy 510 is designed to meet all requirements of the EHEDG guidelines. All materials which are in contact with the sample are FDA-compliant. Oxy 510 is suitable for hygienic applications in beverage, pharmaceutical und water treatment industries. The sensor is quickly back to work after CIP, thus reducing downtimes.

Complete convenience: Smart sensor with low maintenance

Robust and hygienic design and easy installation make Oxy 510 a minimum maintenance device. Additionally, the sensor is completely compatible with all existing Anton Paar Smart Sensors, evaluation units and data acquisition software. Integration of Oxy 510 into already existing Anton Paar installations requires no additional equipment. Vice versa, additional Anton Paar sensors can easily be added to Oxy 510 installations.

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