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The Nano Tribometer (NTR3) is a unique instrument for characterizing the tribological properties of a wide range of...

The Nano Tribometer (NTR3) is a unique instrument for characterizing the tribological properties of a wide range of surfaces at low contact pressures. The system provides accurate and extremely linear measurement of both normal and tangential forces  employing an elastic unique quad beam cantilever combined with high-resolution capacitive sensors. The Nano Tribometer combines the resolution of an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with the stability, robustness and ease-of-use of a pin-on-disk tribometer. Extending the applications of a pin-on-disk system, NTR3 is capable of forces in the range of a few ┬ÁN and displacements in the range of hundreds of microns. All in all, NTR opens up new dimensions of nano- and micro-tribology.
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Features of Nano Tribometer (NTR3)

Technical highlights

  • Unique quad beam cantilever with normal load applied up to 1000 mN (resolution 3 nN)
  • 2 independent high-resolution capacitive sensors for normal load and friction force
  • Rotating and/or linear reciprocating motion
  • High-resolution capacitive sensors combined with Piezo actuator
  • Low noise floor for micro-tribological measurements
  • Rotative module with angular sensor
  • Advanced linear module with displacement sensor
  • Wide range of cantilevers available

Additional capabilities

  • Adhesion measurements
  • Optical video microscope or AFM
  • X and Y motorized stage
  • Temperature and relative
  • Humidity sensor
  • Continuous wear depth measurement
  • Dedicated sample holders

Typical applications

  • Tribology behavior of contact lenses
  • Nanotribological properties of thin, flexible diamond-like carbon films on ACM rubber
  • Investigation of lubrication regimes using ultra-low contact pressures
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