Anton Paar - TRB3: Pin-on-disk tribometer

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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Rely on the industry standard for friction, wear, and lubrication measurement

With over 1000 installed bases worldwide over the last 35 years, Anton Paar’s pin-on-disk tribometer is the standard for measurement of friction, wear, and lubrication. Its wide range of testing parameters, contact geometries, and add-on options allows users to conduct tribology testing by simulating all in-service conditions, like different movement modes (linear, reciprocating), contact modes, speed, lubrication, materials, high temperature, humidity, etc.

TRB³ has established its reputation and proven its reliability in laboratories all over the world for research and quality control of new materials (i.e. ceramics, metals, polymers), lubricants and oil additives, and self-lubricating systems.

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Features of TRB3: Pin-on-disk tribometer

Minimize thermal drift with two friction force sensors

Thanks to the unique design of two friction force sensors and a symmetrical elastic measuring arm, the Anton Paar pin-on-disk tribometer TRB³ overcomes thermal drift, which occurs during long periods of testing time and due to environmental temperature fluctuation. Thermal drift is even more detrimental in cases in which the sample is intentionally heated or cooled and where the expected friction force is relatively small. TRB³ simultaneously measures the differential result between the two friction force sensor signals and records hardware-corrected friction data in real-time.

Monitor environmental conditions in real-time with integrated sensors

It is important to record and report environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, together with other tribological data as tribology testing results strongly depend on these factors (especially in the characterization of polymers as well as hard coating characterization). With integrated sensors, TRB³ measures and records temperature and humidity values as a function of time, together with friction force and other testing data in real time.

Calibrate TRB³ with minimum effort

All tribometers need to be regularly calibrated in order to make sure that the measured data is accurate and precise. Anton Paar now moves a step further by enabling users to perform important calibrations (friction force, motor speed, and rotation radius) themselves. Thus, users not only save maintenance costs but, more importantly, can also make sure their tribometers are in a perfect condition at all times.

The “Tribometer” and “Modelization” software provide you with ultimate control and cutting-edge analysis

Anton Paar’s tribometer software comes with three major parameter setting modes (standard, incremental, and user-defined) to satisfy all testing needs (different speed, load and movement modes, etc.). The “Modelization” software is included by default for simulating contact stress and strain distribution and so you can easily choose the right measuring parameters. The “cycle explorer view” and “reciprocating analysis mode” allow for easy data treatment in case of linear or angular reciprocating movements. For advanced users, the integrated open-source Python programming environment is ready for any data treatment.

Be compliant with the standards – ASTM G99, ASTM G133, and DIN 50324

As part of our continuous research and development process in the field of tribological measurement instrumentation, Anton Paar participates and contributes to several renowned international standards committees, the most import ones being ASTM G99 and ASTM G133. TRB³ is fully compliant with these standards so you can always be sure to perform tribological testing according to best industrial practice.

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