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Wide Range Refractometer J257 with Extended Measurement Range   
The Rudolph Research J257 Wide Range Refractometer was developed by working together with laboratory refractometer users from the polymer, petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and essential oil industries. The J257 is a fully Automatic, Digital Refractometer, featuring electronic cooling and heating with an extended Refractive Index (RI) measurement range. The J257 is part of the Rudolph Research Rudolph Research Refractometer Product Line.
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Features of J257

Digital Refractometer for a Wide Range of Applications    Rudolph Research’s J257 is designed as a multipurpose automatic refractometer for a broad range of (RI) refractive index measurement applications. Many laboratories need the versatility of a wide range refractometer as they measure many varied samples. The J257 measures the widest possible range of Refractive Index from 1.26 to 1.72 RI, which means that this instrument can measure many materials that a refractometer with only a food refractive index range of 1.33-1.53 cannot.   

Automatic Digital Refractometer Operation    Operating the Rudolph J257 is as simple as placing a sample on the prism, closing the cover and reading the results on the digital screen — all in just a few seconds. Being fully automatic there there are no shadow lines to match and there is no eyepiece requiring any kind of operator determination or manual adjustment. When the “measure when stable” mode is selected, the J257 automatically waits until the sample has been heated or cooled to a predefined temperature before initiating a measurement.   

Digital Refractometer With An Easy To Read LCD Interface    A large 7.5cm x 10cm cold cathode fluorescent back lit, digital LCD allows the scale, sample temperature, set temperature, air temperature, time, date, and temperature correction status to be easily viewed. All functions are activated through a touch screen panel that will not wear out or get misplaced like traditional or detachable keyboards. The durable touch screen is resistant to fingernails, sharp objects, chemicals, and acids.   

Versatile Data Storage Options    The J257 Refractometer offers various data storage options to meet the needs of any lab and any compliance requirement. With 8mb of on-board memory the J257 can work on a stand-alone basis or memory sticks can be utilized to expand memory or make data easily transportable to a PC. The J257 is easily connected to your network or may be linked with a PC. For all data storage options see: Refractometer Data Storage   

A Refractometer with Dual Temperature Control System    Unlike other temperature controlled refractometers, the J257 digital refractometer has temperature control from both above and below the sample. The sample cover is controlled to the same temperature as the prism and, when lowered, is designed to provide a temperature controlled micro-environment that provides unrivaled temperature stability, fast measurement time, and minimal evaporation. Depending on options, the sample cover can also be used to initiate measurement. This means that the operator never even needs to touch the refractometer screen on a day-to-day basis, simply lower the cover and measurement starts automatically.

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