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BUCHI Corporation - Rotavapor® R-3

Manufactured by  BUCHI Corporation
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"The R-3 is an entry level rotary evaporator. It fulfills all the basic needs of the customer, specifically targeting...

"The R-3 is an entry level rotary evaporator. It fulfills all the basic needs of the customer, specifically targeting the educational market. The quality of the instrument’s mechanical and glass components have not been sacrificed to compensate for the new lower cost. Buchi stands behind its quality. All glassware is manufactured from Schott 3.3 borosilicate glass. The instrument is equipped with standard Buchi features like a one-piece vapor duct, long lasting KD 22 vacuum gasket, and a Combi-clip.     This instrument is an addition, not a replacement to, the existing Buchi rotary evaporator portfolio offering a high quality but basic solution for customers requiring only the essentials. For a small investment, the R-3 is a high quality, durable instrument."
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Features of Rotavapor® R-3

*** Manual Lift Handler with endstop:   Flask can be easily lowered into, or out of the bath with a single hand movement, ensuring fast and reliable operation. The end stop is an additional safety feature to set the lower limit of the flask adjustment. This prevents flasks from breaking and the oversflow of the heating media by manual operation.   * **Combi clip:   Three functions combined in one tool   - Clip for fixing the flask against loosening the flask during the rotation.   - Safe removal of the flask possible.   - Easy dismantling of the vapour duct to achieve easy maintenance and cleaning of the sealing system no risk of glass breakage.   

The original combi-clip is designed and patented by Büchi.** *   ****Rotation unit:  
Continuously adjustable rotation speed between 20 and 280 rpm.  
A rotation speed of 280 rpm offers the possibility for high distillation rate. The mechanical parts of the rotation unit combined with the motor and the drive-belt results in a very smooth and silent operation of the Rotavapor.  

Adjustable angle of the rotary engine to support different flask sizes and the assembly of bump traps.**** *   ******Vapor duct:  
The accuracy of the original production process of the vapour duct improves the lifetime of the vacuum seal.  

The quick disassembly of the combi-clip and one-piece design of the vapor duct allows easy cleaning and prevents cross-contamination.****** *   ******Vacuum gasket:  
The vacuum seal is made of the original PTFE-rubber composite material. The PTFE coated surface is resistant against all usually used solvents. It is designed for low abrasion of rotating vapour duct  
Easy to install and disassemble to improve maintenance and cleaning of the sealing.****** *   ******Heating Bath:  
Heating bath with a temperature range from 20-95°C. Heating and reaching the set temperature are indicated by an LED. Its small volume ensures that warm-up times are very quick. The bath with the ergonomical handles can be easily adjusted and support flask sizes up to 4L Volumes. The self-explanatory temperature adjustment and the seven segment digits make this bath very easy to operate. The high alloy steel pan is easy to clean. An optional protective shield can easily be fitted to the edge of the bath.****** *   ******Bathpan:  
Our maintenance free stainless steel pan is able to work with max 4L flasks. The optimization of the amount of heating media versus the flask size allows for quick heating up to the working temperature and enough volume to work for a while without refilling the media. High electrical power (1300W) enables efficient working. Thick-walled bath for easy cleaning and long durability  ********
General Specifications
Rotation Speed20 to 280 rpm
Lift HandleManual

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