BUCHI Corporation - Rotavapor® R-220

Manufactured by  BUCHI Corporation
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Rotary evaporation is the most commonly used method to remove solvents, as it is an efficient, fast and gentle way of separating liquids.

For the rapid and gentle distillation of up to 20 L flask volumes. Heating bath with a wide temperature range from 20-180ºC for water and oil. Innovative flask fixing, opening and closing with one hand. EasyClamp connection for rapid installation of glassware. Eight glass assemblies available for different processes.
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Features of Rotavapor® R-220


  • Patented evaporating flask snap flange coupling allows you to attach a 20L flask with one hand!   Efficiency  
  • Unique EasyClamp couplings allow glass assemblies to be mounted and removed effortlessly - cleaning and maintenance can be done quickly and easily.  
  • The compact inlet valve can be opened and closed with one hand and allows for precise dosing of the inlet feed.   User Friendly  
  • The clear, functional operating panel makes using the instrument easy and safe.   Flexibility  
  • A wide temperature range of 20°C–180°C. The stainless steel bath has an optimal conical shape that enables rapid and energy-efficient heating. The bath can be used with oil or water for a wide variety of applications. The integrated bath replenishment guarantees a constant bath level without manual interaction.  
  • 8 different plastic coated glass assemblies for unlimited applications - high or low boiling point solvents, reflux applications, differing height demands, etc."
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