Terra Universal - Bactron 600 Anaerobic Chamber

Manufactured by  Terra Universal
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• Exterior Dimensions: 88.2"W x 31.3"D x 26.5"H (2240 x 795 x 673 mm)• Interior Dimensions: 42.5"W x...

• Exterior Dimensions: 88.2"W x 31.3"D x 26.5"H (2240 x 795 x 673 mm) 
• Interior Dimensions: 42.5"W x 28.5"D x 25.2"H (1080 x 724 x 640 mm); Working Chamber Volume: 17.6 cu. Ft. (498L) 
• Incubator Interior Dimensions: 23.5" diam. X 18.5"H (597 x 470 mm); Incubator Volume: 4.6 cu. Ft.(130L) 
• Airlock Interior Dimensions: 12"W x 13.5"D x 12"H (305 x 343 x 305 mm); Airlock Volume: 1.1cu. Ft.(31L) 
• Material: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel and Plexiglas 
• Interior Outlet 2: (120V) one amp Max; Exterior Outlet, Vacuum: 5 amp. Max. 
• Nominal Voltage 60HZ (V): 110-120; Maximum Energy Consumption (W): 1350 
• Capacity: 600 plates 
• Temperature Range: 5°C above ambient to 70°C; Temperature Uniformity: +/- 0.5°C at 37°C 
• Petri Plate Racks Included: 10 
o Includes: vacuum pump, AMG Regulator, interior electrical outlet, sleeve assembly with medium cuff, and 10 petri racks 
o Meets EN61010, UL61010 and Can/CSA61010 standards  
o Agency Approval: TUV-CUE 
o Features a space saving rotating shelf design and two rear mounted shelves to maintain an organized workspace  
o Operates as a one gas (Anaerobic Mixed Gas [AMG]) or two gas (AMG and nitrogen) system 
o Ergonomic arm port doors simplify access and maintain a strict anaerobic environment 
o Airtight construction and gloveless design with patented cuffs  
o Manual or automatic airlock with sliding shelves 
o User-friendly Control Panel Layout and microprocessor controls  
o Automatic pressure controls provide positive pressure at approx. 3” of water column and shows pressure level 
o Incubator located inside, top rear of chamber  
o Available Installation and Training Workshop (for USA orders only) 
o Two-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty
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