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The CoalPro III™ Optical Petrography System from CRAIC Technologies is a microphotometer designed for the organic...

The CoalPro III™ Optical Petrography System from CRAIC Technologies is a microphotometer designed for the organic petrographic analysis using Standard Test Methodologies ISO 7404-5 and ASTM D2798. This microphotometer is configured to measure the reflectance from coals, kerogens and petroleum source rock. However, it also has a very flexible design. The CoalPro III™ was developed anticipating the next generation of test protocols as well as for fluorescence and micro-imaging. 
Incorporating a new optical detector and CRAIC CoalPro™ software, the CoalPro III™ system grades the energy content of coals, kerogens and petroleum source rock using the ISO 7404 and ASTM D2798 standard test methods. It also gives you the ability to collect full color images of each measurement location in addition to full automation if desired. 
However, the CoalPro III™ can also be upgraded to a full 508 Coal™ microscope spectrophotometer to measure the full reflectance spectrum and the spectral fluorescence from coal, kerogen, petroleum source rock and other petrochemicals. 
With no moving parts, the CoalPro III™ is durable and user friendly. Designed with flexibility and speed in mind, the CoalPro III™ system rapidly measures vitrinite reflectivity and also has the ability to do other types of spectroscopic and petrographic analysis and imaging. With this flexibility of design, it will easily comply with future changes in coal testing methods and your own experiments.
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Features of CoalPro for Vitrinite Reflectance
  • High sensitivity detector with low noise and long term stability * CRAIC CoalProâ„¢ software to calculate reflectance per ISO 7404 and ASTM D2798 standard test methods. * CRAIC Vitrinite Reference Materials available * Precision 546 nm reflectance measurements  Can be upgraded to full range microspectroscopy  Can be upgraded to fluorescence microspectroscopy  The only coal reflectance system that also incorporates color digital imaging.  Upgrade your old coal reflectance system with supported technology  Manual or fully automated operation  Precision temperature control of samples  Specialized software including statistical analysis, spectral databasing, image analysis and more  Easy to use and maintain
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