Innova Biosciences - Universal Lateral Flow Assay Kit

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The Innova Biosciences Universal Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) Kit is designed to enable the easy development of customized...

The Innova Biosciences Universal Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) Kit is designed to enable the easy development of customized sandwich lateral flow assays. The great advantage of this kit is its adaptability to any pair of capture and detection antibodies, which allows the detection of any type of analyte* without the need to stripe the capture antibody onto LFA strips using expensive equipment. 
The kit combines Innova’s easy to use Lightning-Link® antibody labeling and InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticle conjugation technologies with an immunochromatography test performed on Universal-LFA strips. The capture antibody is conjugated to Lightning-Link® Ulfa-Tag, while the detection antibody is conjugated to 40nm InnovaCoat® GOLD, both of which require only 30 seconds to set up. 
The capture and detection antibodies are diluted and incubated with the analyte and 40nm InnovaCoat® GOLD-Biotin and then run on Universal LFA strips. Universal LFA strips consist of a nitrocellulose membrane containing a ‘Test line’ (T-line) of immobilized anti- Ulfa-Tag antibody, that binds the Ulfa-Tag-conjugated capture antibody which further binds the analyte in complex with the InnovaCoat GOLD®-detection antibody. A red T-line appears when the analyte is present and the line intensity varies depending on the analyte concentration (see Figure 1). Universal LFA strips also contain a ‘Control-line’ (C-line) striped with streptavidin, which confirms that the test is valid, and an absorbent pad to promote and control the flow of sample through the membrane. 
* The antigen must contain at least two antigenic sites for the binding of the capture and detection antibodies
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Features of Universal Lateral Flow Assay Kit
  • Fully customizable – adaptable to any pair of capture and detection antibodies and detect any type of analyte * Quick & easy to use – both conjugations can be set up in only 30 seconds * No false negative results – assay is compatible with biological samples * No specialized or costly equipment * Can be qualitatively and quantitatively analysed by using supplied scoring card or a LFA reader respectively
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