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In-Situ Fiber Optic UV Testing for Dissolution Testing

No more sampling! The Distek Opt-Diss 410 in-situ fiber optic UV system measures directly in the vessel, eliminating the need for conventional sampling, and with-it consumables like filters, tubing and syringes, saving time, labor, and money. Moving light rather than liquids also allows generating near real-time dissolution data and nearly limitless sample points as frequently as every five seconds.

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Features of Opt-Diss 410
  • SIMPLE & EFFICIENT DISSOLUTION TESTING: Truly automated data collection and analysis means start of test to a complete report only takes as long as the test itself, with no operator interaction required. And collecting data as fast as every 5 seconds is no more effort.
  • MULTICOMPONENT ANALYSIS: Measure two components in the same dissolution test without the need for LC, including products with two APIs or interaction with excipients, coatings, capsules, or any other source of deviation of the UV spectra.
  • RAPID AND ROUTINE DATA COLLECTION: With acquisition speeds as fast as 5 seconds for all vessels, collecting near real-time dissolution profiles is ideal for formulators to understand complicated release dynamics as it occurs.
  • IN-SITU UV MEASUREMENTS: Keeping the science in the vessel! The Opt-Diss 410 measures directly in the vessel, eliminating manual or automated sampling along with the associated consumables, labor and off-line analysis.
    • Choose from patented ARCH probes designed specifically for dissolution testing with negligible hydrodynamic effect
    • Or conventional dip probes with fixed or interchangeable pathlengths
  • SINGLE SOFTWARE PACKAGE: 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, the Opt-Diss 410 is the only fully integrated UV fiber optic dissolution solution with a single software package controlling the entire system.
  • INDUSTRY APPROVED: Top pharmaceutical companies as well as the FDA and USP have adopted the Opt-Diss by Distek.
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