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The ICS-2000 system is a totally integrated and preconfigured Reagent- Free™ Ion Chromatography system with Eluent Generation

The ICS-2000 system is a totally integrated and preconfigured Reagent-Free™ Ion Chromatography system with Eluent Generation (RFIC-EG™ system) designed to perform all types of electrolytically generated isocratic and gradient IC separations using conductivity detection. The ICS-2000 is available with a dualpiston pump, LCD touch-pad front panel, Reagent-Free eluent generation, thermally controlled conductivity cell, column heater, and optional vacuum degas. When coupled with an AutoSuppression® device, such as the SRS® 300, the ICS-2000 system provides high performance with unequalled ease of use. Automation provides full control and digital data collection from a PC using USB.
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Features of ICS-2000

Key Features    

  • Automated eluent generation    
  • LCD front panel control    
  • Dual-piston pump    
  • Column heater    
  • Electrolytic suppression    
  • Digital conductivity detection    
  • Vacuum degas (option)    
  • USB connectivity, plug-n-play    
  • Electronic logbook and trending through virtual channels    


  • This integrated system performs all types of IC separations using conductivity detection.    
  • Each system is preconfigured, factory plumbed, and tested for immediate productivity.    
  • RFIC-EG system technology converts deionized water into high purity eluents on-line.    
  • The dual-piston pump design reduces pulsations, allowing high sensitivity     detection and excellent flow-rate accuracy and precision.    
  • Flexible flow rates support 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm column formats.     The streamlined design with small footprint occupies minimal bench space.    
  • An LCD touch-pad front panel provides clear identification of key operating parameters permitting atinstrument control and monitoring.     

Reagent-Free IC Systems    

  • Electrolytic eluent and regenerant production minimizes time, labor, operation costs, and eluent preparation errors.    
  • The eluent generator delivers sodium, potassium, and lithium hydroxide and carbonate/bicarbonate eluents for anion separations as well as methanesulfonic acid eluents for cation separations.    
  • Just add deionized water for isocratic and gradient electrolytic eluent generation and electrolytic eluent suppression.    

Simple and Precise Control    

  • Control for the SRS and Atlas® electrolytic suppressors is built in. These AutoSuppression devices eliminate the need to manually prepare acid or base regenerants. Electrolytic suppression reduces background conductivity and provides high signal-to-noise ratios.    
  • Full control and digital data collection are available with Windows® based Chromeleon® Chromatography Workstation Software using a USB high-speed communication protocol.    
  • Application templates preload all instrument parameters for fast and easy operation.    
  • Through Chromeleon software control, an electronic logbook provides monitoring of user-selectable operational parameters by creating virtual channels.    

High Performance    

  • For improved reproducibility, the heated and thermostated high-performance     conductivity detection cell permits measurements that are unaffected by temperature variation.    
  • Advanced single-range digital output provides an operating range to 15,000 µS full scale. An alternate mode permits single-range analog signal output.    
  • Column heater provides day-to-day consistency, ensuring reproducibility     and stability. Preheating of theeluent prior to the column maintains the column temperature set by the user. A transparent cover allows viewing of the column without temperature disruption.    
  • Optional built-in vacuum degas provides in-line degassing of eluents ensuring, reproducibility and protection of eluents from contamination and decomposition. Control of the degas operation can be automated to sense when degassing is required.    
  • Inert, metal-free PEEK™ components throughout the system ensure     compatibility and metal contamination-free chromatography.    


  • Versatile eluent organizer tray. Accommodates 1-, 2-, or 4-L eluent     bottles.    
  • Electrically actuated six-port Rheodyne PEEK injection valve.    
  • Ergonomically placed injection port for easy manual sampling.    
  • Eluent valve for positive shut-off of eluent flow prior to the pump for easy servicing.    
  • Easy-access door to chromatography components.    
  • Leak detection and management for fast response to system leaks.    
  • TTL controls for external pump, injection valve, range selection, and signal offset for stand-alone operation.
General Specifications
Flow Rate Range0 to 5 ml/min
Maximum Pressure5000 psi
Noise Level52 dB
Depth 21 in
Height22.1 in
Width 8.8 in
Power Requirements 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight54 lbs
Additional Specifications

High Pressure Limit:    
0.7 to 34.4 MPa (100 to 5000 psi) (without eluent generator)    
2.1 to 20.6 MPa (300 to 3000 psi) (with eluent generator)    
Low Pressure Limit:    
0.0 to 33.7 MPa (0 to 4900 psi) (without eluent generator)    
1.4 to 19.9 MPa (200 to 2900 psi) (with eluent generator)    
Delay Volume: <800 uL    
Range: 0 to 15,000 uS (digital output)    
Temperature Compensation: 1.7% per °C    
Cell Drive: 8 kW square wave

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