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Claisse® has a new turn-key solution for your XRF applications.

Claisse® has a new turn-key solution for your XRF applications. Our fused borate disks are made with Certified Reference Materials (CRM) or customized mixtures of synthetic oxides. They are custom-made to fulfill your personal analytical needs.   
Fused borate disks:   
  • Help you build the best XRF calibration curves for your application   
  • Offer a great alternative to a XRF drift monitor when a more specific element needs to be monitored   
  • Can replace silica based drift monitors when unavailable
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    Features of Fused CRM

    High Quality Disk Preparation: As the First and Finest in Fusion, Claisse® produces borate disks that exceed the industry's quality standards. From this high accuracy and precision of the fusion borate disks, build your XRF application calibration curves so as to obtain accurate results for your samples.    Time Saving: Claisse® will save you enormous time by finding the appropriate CRM for your calibration needs and preparing fused disks for you.    Quick Application Start-Up: With your fused disks already prepared for the calibration curve, you can integrate the new application rapidly in your day-to-day routine and start analyzing your samples right away.    Low Cost: The cost of a fused disk is less than 50% of the cost of CRMs when bought as a powder.    Diversity: Claisse® can produce almost any mix of oxides, extending the calibration possibilities.    For synthetic standards, we can perform the tedious task of preparing the mixes to cover the calibration range needed for the elements, while making sure the homogeneity is perfect.

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