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Fusion is a very effective technique to prepare all types of samples for XRF, ICP and AA analysis.

Your first choice to fuse samples for XRF, ICP and AA analysis 
Fusion is a very effective technique to prepare all types of samples for XRF, ICP and AA analysis. It consists of dissolving an oxidized sample in a solvent, usually a lithium borate flux. 
As the one-stop shop in fusion and the world leader in the production of fluxes, Claisse develops high-quality chemicals that are easy to use and that ensure no contamination. 
When you use the fluxes developed by Claisse, you guarantee the production of homogeneous and stable glass disks by: 
Avoiding crystallization 
Reducing the incidence of glass sticking to the platinumware 
Avoiding cracking 
Claisse now offers pre-weighed fluxes to speed up sample preparation. Note that any type or quantity of fluxes can be pre-weighed. Contact your sales representative for more information.
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  • Consistent quality: No need to stock large quantities of flux or to recalibrate your spectrometer after each order. With Claisse, you can always expect the same high-quality flux. * Fused and homogeneous: Claisse® borate fluxes consist of homogeneous, spherical and vitreous particles. Each particle has the same composition to avoid segregation and to ensure the analytical accuracy of your analysis. There is no need to recalibrate the instrument every time a new batch of flux is used. * 99.98+% pure and 99.995+% ultra pure: Our fluxes are the purest on the market! We guarantee that our pure borate fluxes contain less than 10 ppm for each of the 15 selected elements. The level of contamination for ultra pure fluxes is carefully controlled and analyzed for 30 selected elements. A detailed certificate of analysis is supplied with each order. * High density: Claisse borate fluxes are three times denser than the other fluxes on the market. They never fill more than half of the crucible, even when fusions for large 40 mm disks are performed. It eliminates all risks of overflow during agitation. * Anhydrous: Claisse fluxes have the lowest water content on the market (< 0.05%). * Non-hygroscopic: Our fluxes consist of spherical glassy beads, they are therefore non-hygroscopic. A major problem with absorbed humidity is the loss of accuracy in the analytical results. It is caused by the induced error on the mass of flux weighed, and it affects the sample/flux ratio. * Controlled granulometry: Claisse fluxes are 100% less than 500 µm and contain no dust. Consequently, they do not tend to stick to the weighing pan, the funnel and the crucible wall. A controlled granulometry eliminates the segregation effect. It avoids the loss of flux and the formation of glass droplets on the wall of the crucible. It also allows better accuracy. * Non-wetting agents (NWAs) integrated: Our fluxes are available with integrated lithium bromide (LiBr) or lithium iodide (LiI). We know that adding an inconstant amount of NWAs to the melt can affect the accuracy of an analysis. You can solve this issue by using our fluxes with integrated NWAs. These fluxes are easier to use and they save you time because you do not have to add the NWAs separately during the fusion process. * Outstanding fluidity: Our borate fluxes are therefore easier to handle and weigh. * Available from stock: If you are out of stock or have an urgent request, we will promptly ship the product.
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