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Introducing Osmo1, the newest member of the Advanced™ family of freezing point osmometers. Osmo1 is ideally...

Introducing Osmo1, the newest member of the Advanced™ family of freezing point osmometers. Osmo1 is ideally suited for clinical laboratories who prefer to directly draw and test small sample volumes. Osmo1 offers ease of use, accurate and precise results, and the security and efficiency of electronic data management.
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Features of Osmo1™

ONE-STEP DIRECT SAMPLING  Simply aspirate sample and load the sampler into the Osmo1. 

TOUCHSCREEN USER INTERFACE  The Osmo1 is easy-to-use with an intuitive, color-coded menu-driven operating system, with multi-language capability. 

SMALL SAMPLE SIZE  Requiring only 20 µL of sample, Osmo1 is ideal for sample limited applications. 

ON-BOARD PRINTER  With a simple drop-in paper design, Osmo1 allows for easy printing and archiving of test results. 

INTEGRATED BARCODE SCANNER  The built-in proximity sensor allows for traceable sample identification and reduces transcription errors. 

2- OR 3-POINT CALIBRATION  Osmo1 offers the flexibility of a 2- or 3-point calibration to satisfy CLIA calibration verification requirements. The system is also factory calibrated and ready to test and only requires recalibration if quality control is out of specification, or after maintenance. 

BUILT-IN QUALITY CONTROL  Osmo1 calculates sample statistics instantly, can issue warnings when quality control is out of range, and allows tracking of quality control data over time with an exportable Levey-Jennings chart. 

SECURE AND EFFICIENT DATA MANAGEMENT  Password protected user accounts, with ability to link sample ID and user ID to test results, for improved traceability. The system also stores the last 1,000 test records and 10,000 events for audit control. 

CONNECTIVITY  The Osmo1 connects easily to LIS and data management systems via Ethernet connectivity. Multiple USB ports provide the ability to easily export data. 

INDUSTRY LEADING ACCURACY AND PRECISION  Osmo1 utilizes the industry-preferred freezing point depression method to accurately and precisely determine osmolality.

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