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ELTRAs CS-580A is the ideal analyzer for the simultaneous determination of carbon and sulfur in organic samples.

ELTRA‘s CS-580A is the ideal analyzer for the simultaneous determination of carbon and sulfur in organic samples.

ELTRA’s 580A analyzers (A = Autoloader) are equipped with an automatic sample loader, allowing for analysis of large numbers of samples without operator intervention. The sample loader is available in two versions to accommodate 36 or 130 crucibles. The CS-580A is based on the technology of the CS-580 analyzer and features a vertical resistance furnace with ceramic tube.

The temperature can be set in steps of 1°C to a maximum of 1,550°C. Thanks to sample weights of up to 500 mg and more even inhomogeneous materials can be reliably analyzed. The analyzer can be equipped with up to four independent infrared cells according to the user’s requirements, allowing for a great variety of applications.

Application Examples

Ashes, building materials, coal, coke, gypsum, limestone, oil, plant materials, rubber, sand, soils, soot, tobacco, waste, ...

Operation CS-580A

In the CS-580A the samples are weighed into crucibles. Then a gripper places the samples from the Autoloader on the pedestal. The samples are loaded consecutively into the furnace for combustion. The average analysis time is 60 to 120 seconds. Detector signals and instrument parameters are displayed during analysis. Evaluation of the signals and display of the results are done automatically; the data can be transferred to a laboratory information management system (LIMS). The analyzers require minimum maintenance. The particle filters and chemicals which need to be maintained are easily accessible.

Measuring Principle CS-580A

In the CS-580A analyzers the sample is burnt in an oxygen atmosphere at temperatures of up to 1,550°C. The furnace temperature can be freely selected in steps of 1 °C. The combustion gasses (CO2, H2O, SO2) coming from the furnace pass through a dust filter. After the water vapor is chemically absorbed, the dried CO2 and SO2 gas is detected in the additional infrared cells. Depending on the configuration, it is possible to combine up to four infrared cells with different sensitivities.

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Features of Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer CS-580A
  • Simultaneous carbon and sulfur determination with minimal sample preparation
  • wide range of organic materials can be analyzed
  • rapid, precise, accurate and reliable element determination
  • resistance furnace can be set up to 1550°C in steps of 1°C
  • customized infrared cells provide wide, dynamic measuring range
  • due to gold IR path, increased cell live time for analysis of halogen or acid containing samples
  • powerful software (multilingual, customized display, export of results)
  • single and multipoint calibration
  • low maintenance
  • robust design allows usage in production control and laboratory
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

  • Measured elements carbon, sulfur
  • Samples organic
  • Furnace alignment vertical
  • Sample carrier ceramic crucibles
  • Field of application agriculture, biology, chemistry / plastics, coal / power plant, construction materials, environment / recycling, medicine / pharmaceuticals
  • Furnace resistance furnace (ceramic tube), adjustable up to 1550°C (steps of 1°C)
  • Detection method solid state infrared absorption
  • Number of IR cells 1 - 4
    Material of IR path gold
  • Typical analysis time 60 - 120 s
  • Chemicals required magnesium perchlorate, sodium hydroxide
  • Gas required oxygen 99.5% pure (2 - 4 bar / 30 - 60 psi)
    compressed air (4 - 6 bar / 60 - 90 psi)
  • Power requirements 230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. heat up current 2000 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 55 x 100 x 60 cm (analyzer)
    85 x 35 x 45 cm (Autoloader for 130 crucibles)
  • Weight~ 90 kg (analyzer)
    ~ 15 kg (Autoloader for 130 crucibles)
  • Required equipment: balance (resolution 0.0001g), monitor, PC
  • Required accessories: Autoloader (for 36 or 130 crucibles)
  • Optional accessories: TIC module, voltage stabilizer 5 KVA

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