VELP Scientifica - Automatic Solvent Extractor - SER 158 Series

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A fully automated solvent extractor capable of a high sample throughput, offering state-of-the-art technology for a fast, precise and accurate fat...

A fully automated solvent extractor capable of a high sample throughput, offering state-of-the-art technology for a fast, precise and accurate fat determination in complete safety according to Randall or Twisselmann techniques.
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Features of Automatic Solvent Extractor - SER 158 Series

Exceptional Versatility and Scalability  Great range of applications for fat determination and sample preparation  Vast set of accessories for a wide range of applications  Up to 4 SER 158 units independently controlled with a single ControlPad managing up to 24 active positions  Works with the majority of solvents 

High Productivity  Fast fat determination  Extraction process with Randall technique is 5 times faster than traditional Soxhlet  24/7 unattended operations with automatic shutdown to ensure high throughput 

High Performance  Fully automated extraction process  Titanium condensers (Patent pending) for unparalleled performance  Vast set of sensors and state-of-the-art technology  Conform to Good Laboratory Practice standards 

Extreme Safety  SolventXpress™: the smart and hermetically sealed solvent dispensing system  SafeEnd™: to prevent the overheating of the soluble matter  Safety Guard: to ensure operator safety 

Smart User Interface  One click “Load & Go”  Easy analysis program setting  LED guidance for active positions  Multi-lingual support  Several Predefined Methods  Balance connection 

Accurate and Precise 

The SER 158 provides reliable and accurate results improving extraction process compared to traditional Soxhlet method (five times faster). The determination of extractable matter is performed with a solid-liquid extraction process that removes soluble components from solids using a liquid solvent. The SER 158 guarantees excellent reproducibility and compliance of the results to the major standards. LED guidance for active positions helps to monitor and supervise the whole process. 

Fully Scalable and Proven Performance 

SER 158 configuration is fully scalable.  In addition to the first unit equipped with the new powerful ControlPad, your investment is protected by seamlessly allowing the increase of connected units according to the throughput requirements.  A single ControlPad is able to control up to 4 SER 158 independent with a maximum of 24 active positions processing up to 168 samples/day (or 42 samples/day/unit). 

Easy User Interface and Smart Data Management 

The SER 158 is equipped with a large 7 inches display extractable ControlPad with an intuitive User Interface for a powerful and smart data management and includes a multi-lingual support.  Integrated yet removable, the ControlPad can be connected with a balance for a completely new user experience.  Each extraction step is easy visualized on the ControlPad along with a great set of information and options. Results are immediately calculated and stored on the on-board memory.  3 USB ports are available along with Ethernet connection for data transfer to external devices. 

Maximum Safety 

The SER 158 safe SolventXpress™ technology allows smart solvent dispensing for solvent addition minimizing the exposure to solvents and ensuring operator safety.  The unit is also hermetically sealed with a protective transparent cover and a variety of sensors to monitor and ensure a safe analysis during all the steps.  SafeEnd™ feature of the SER 158 prevents extracted matter burning eliminating laboratory accidents.  A wide range of accessories has been designed to assure safe sample handling for a large variety of solvent extractions applications. 

Extreme Versatility: Applications and Industries 

The SER 158 configuration is immediately ready to address a variety of applications.  Solvent extraction with the SER 158 can be performed for extractable matter determination, either in food and non-food industries (such as pulp, paper, textile, chemical etc…) and for sample preparation for environmental analysis. 

Extreme Versatility: wide range of Accessories 

The SER 158 units come with numerous accessories designed to simplify the operations.  VELP extractors are supplied with extraction cups, thimbles of different sizes such small, medium and large (misure) and seals of different materials such as Viton, Butly , and Vaflon (high end solution for a wide range of solvents). Furthermore, a great number of other optional accessories complete the SER series assuring great operation versatility.

General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Positions: SER 158/3 3-positions 
SER 158/6 6-positions 
Max. Capacity: SER 158/3 21 samples/day/unit 
SER 158/6 42 samples/day/unit 
Scalability: SER 158/3 12-pos. (up to 4 units) 
SER 158/6 24-pos. (up to 4 units) 
Display: 7” color touch screen - extractable ControlPad 
Accepted Solvents: Capable of being used with the majority of solvents 
Solvent Recovery: > 90% 
Measurement Range: 0.1-100% 
Reproducibility (RSD): ? 1% 
Automation: Immersion, Removing, Washing, Recovery, Cooling 
Lighting: LED lights show 3/6 active positions 
Heating Element: Glass ceramic – 3/6 positions independent switch on/off 
Sample Size: 0.5 to 15 g in 33x80 mm thimbles (generally 2-3 g) 
Seals: Viton, Butyl, and Vaflon 
Condensers: Titanium (VELP Patent Pending) 
Interfaces: 3 x USB (balance, mouse, USB stick), Ethernet (Pc) 
Result Calculation: Automatic, Archived on ControlPad 
Water Consumption: from 1.0 l/min 
Dimensions (WxHxD): SER 158/3 358x546x450 mm - 14x21,5x17,7 inch 
SER 158/6 546x546x450 mm - 21,5x21,5x17,7 inch 
Dimensions with ControlPad: SER 158/3 358x546x570 mm - 14x21,5x22,4 inch 
SER 158/6 546x546x570 mm - 21,5x21,5x22,4 inch 
Weight (SER 158/ControlPad): SER 158/3 Kg 29 / 1 - 64 / 2,2 lb 
SER 158/6 Kg 36 / 1 - 80,3 / 2,2 lb 
Power Supply: SER 158/3 115/230 – 50/60 V-Hz  
SER 158/6 115/230 – 50/60 V-Hz 
Power Consumption: SER 158/3 630/850 W  
SER 158/6 630/850 W

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