VELP Scientifica - Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Units - DKL Series

Manufactured by  VELP Scientifica
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Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Units for nitrogen analysis and protein determination that incorporate the revolutionary TEMS™ technology.

Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Units for nitrogen analysis and protein determination that incorporate the revolutionary TEMS™ technology for unprecedented Savings in terms of Time, Energy - as much as 35%, Money and Space.
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Features of Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Units - DKL Series

High Technology

Microprocessor control of precise block temperature Real time display of process steps 54 programs (30 pre-installed, 24 customizable)

Automated Operation

Calibration automatic for top precision & repeatability No hands lowering and lifting of test tubes Auto separation of manifold from the rack

Outstanding Reliability

Aluminum block for absolute temperature homogeneity Unmatched conductivity for fast response up to 450 °C Conforms to Good Laboratory Practice standard Premium quality consumables

Practical Functionality

LCD display for immediate understanding Up to 6 languages available from a wide selection All necessary items supplied in one package Very small footprint

Optimized Selection

Choice of models for different workloads DKL 8 (8-position with 250 ml tubes, Ø 42 mm) DKL 12 (12-position with 250/400 ml tubes, Ø 42 mm) DKL 20 (20-position with 250/400 ml tubes, Ø 42 mm) DKL 42/26 (42-position with 100 ml tubes, Ø 26 mm) Incorporates TEMS™ technology*

Kjeldahl Digestion Units - Unparalleled Productivity

  • The DKL Series Automated Kjeldahl Digestion Units provide users with the ultimate technology whose objective is to simplify operation, ensuring significant savings. Once set up, the operator can just press the START button and walk away.
  • All regular functions are fully automated, including lowering the test tubes into the heating block, lifting the tubes to expedite cooling and separating the suction manifold from the tube rack, enabling the rack to be slid out and replaced by another to start the next run.
  • Ease of loading and unloading make the VELP DKL a pleasure to use when carrying out Kjeldahl analysis, and there is no need to handle the sample when the tubes are hot!
  • Kjeldahl Digestion Units - Aluminum Block for Premium Performance
  • DKL Series heating block is entirely made in aluminum alloy, the best material when temperature precision, stability and homogeneity are required.
  • Even in terms of repeatability and conductivity, aluminum offers incredibly high performance!
  • In accordance with GLP, the analyst must be able to determine at what temperature digestion occurred: just by using a common temperature probe, the analyst can measure the effective temperature.
  • And do not forget DKL capabilities in reducing the heating time…

Kjeldahl Digestion Units - TEMS™ Technology

Time Saving: from Ambient to 420 °C in only 22 minutes Energy Saving: up to - 35% of consumption Money Saving: huge cost reduction for each analysis Space Saving: reduce unnecessary use of space

Kjeldahl Digestion Units - High Heating Speed on DKL

The graph shows that rapid heating of DKL Kjeldahl digestion units: by increasing the heating speed, the analysis time is reduced!

All the advantages of a rapid heating combined with the known benefits of a block digester: excellent reliability, high precision and homogeneity of the temperature, with the possibility to know the real temperature of the digestion.

Kjeldahl Digestion Units - Low Energy Consumption on DKL

Look at the significant amount of energy that you can save with a DKL Kjeldahl digestion units compared to a conventional digester. DKL Series reduces dramatically consumption and CO2 emission. In a world where respect for the environment is increasingly important, VELP shows exceptional qualities, providing a significant contribution to this topic cutting any form of pollution. Perform more analyses or use other instruments to increase your business…without any additional cost!

General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Construction material: Stainless steel with chemical resistant coating 
Models: DKL 8 8-position for 250 ml test tubes (Ø 42 mm) 
DKL 12 12-position for 250/400 ml test tubes (Ø 42 mm) 
DKL 20 20-position for 250 ml test tubes (Ø 42 mm) 
DKL 42/26 42-position for 100 ml test tubes (Ø 26 mm) 
Set temperature: Digital readout in °C or °F or K 
Countdown: Digital readout 
Selectable language: UK, I, E, F, RUS, CN + Additional Customizable (downloadable) 
Power: DKL 8 1150 W 
DKL 12 1500 W 
DKL 20 2300 W 
DKL 42/26 2300 W 
Weight: DKL 8 19.7 kg (43.5 lb) 
DKL 12 23.3 kg (51.4 lb)  
DKL 20 30.8 kg (68.0 lb) 
DKL 42/26 33.5 kg (74.0 lb) 
Dimensions (WxHxD): DKL 8 210x690x540 mm (8.3x27.2x21.3 in)  
DKL 12 266x690x540 mm (10.5x27.2x21.3 in)  
DKL 20 322x690x584 mm (12.7x27.2x23.0 in) 
DKL 42/26 322x690x584 mm (12.7x27.2x23.0 in) 
Temperature range: Ambient to 450 °C / 842 °F 
Temperature Calibration: Automatic 
Stability of the heating block temperature: ± 0,5 °C 
Precision of the heating block temperature: ± 0,5 °C 
Digestion time range: 1 to 999 minutes 
Time selection: 1 minute steps 
Program library: 54 methods: 30 pre-installed + 24 user-programmable 
Selectable ramps: 4 ramps per program 
Overtemperature: Thermostat 
Damaged temperature probe: Automatic detection and alarm message 
Lift movement: Visual/acustic signal 
Hot surface: Visual signal (if T>50 °C)

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