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For mastering highly viscous liquids with your Eppendorf Multipette>  Experience the new membe...

For mastering highly viscous liquids with your Eppendorf Multipette   
Experience the new member of the Combitips advanced dispenser tip family. The ViscoTip is specifically designed and optimized for handling high viscosity liquids up to 14,000 mPa*s such as glycerol 99.5 %, Tween, oils, creams, shampoos or honey. It sharply reduces operating forces while handling such liquids leading to enhanced ergonomics, increased working speed and longer charge lifetime of your Repeater battery.   
Automatic recognition of the ViscoTip by the Repeater M4 and Repeater E3/E3x ensures Eppendorf typical ergonomic and comfortable working.   
A range of application notes dedicated to exemplary high viscosity liquids provide our customers a framework for recommended working speeds and measurement errors.
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Features of ViscoTip
  • Specialized for liquids with a dynamic viscosity from 200 mPas to 14,000 mPas   * For dispensing volumes from 100 µL to 10 mL in increments of 10 µL   * Make life easier for your instrument: The new design of the tip means significantly lower operation forces are used, thus it speeds up work and reduces energy consumption   * Don't waste time calculating: Automatic tip recognition and volume calculation in Repeater M4/E3/E3x   * Free of leachables and slip agents: The ViscoTip is free of experiment-interfering leachables (e.g. slip agents, biocides, plasticisers)   * Save time finding the right tip: The color coded double ring and the continuous volume scale distinguish the ViscoTip from Combitips advanced
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