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Dedicated to Water Analysis

The Series 4000 spectrophotometers have been specially designed to cover the complete requirements of water analysis spectrophotometers. Both visible range and UV and visible range instruments are offered, each with or without an integral printer for convenient presentation of results, without the extra space required by an external printer.
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Features of AquaQuest Series


Whatever special needs your laboratory may have, the 4000 Series instruments are likely to offer the flexibility, power and performance required. Wavelength scanning, cell programming, batch sampling, wavelength programming, time course plotting and reaction Kinetics are all available.


Superb performance is the result of the excellent specification of the 4000 Series. High stability, low straylight, low noise and high wavelength setting precision ensure that reliable and accurate measurements may be made to 3 Absorbance units.

Programmed Methods

All instruments are completely programmed for approximately 150 water analysis methods based on the proven range of Merck 'Spectroquant' test kits.

Users may in addition develop their own methods and calibrations to be stored in security protected memory for instant recall and use at any time.

Speed of Operation

Choosing a test method complete with the appropriate sample pathlength could not be simpler, taking only about 15 seconds for selection and the instrument to be set up ready for the measurement. Quick change sample holders each accommodating more than one sample pathlength further adds to convenience and speeds up operation.

General Specifications

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Series Modals

Cecil Instruments - CE 4001 & CE 4003

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Cecil Instruments - CE 4002 & CE 4004

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