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Micromass - Q-Tof Micro

Manufactured by  Micromass
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The Waters Micromass Q-Tof micro Mass Spectrometer

The Micromass Q-Tof micro is a high resolution oa-Tof mass spectrometer that enables automated exact mass measurements in an easy-to-use benchtop instrument. The instrument also features a quadrupole mass filter and collision cell for MS/MS analyses. This powerful combination delivers simple exact mass measurement of fragment ions to yield increased confidence in structural elucidation and databank search results.
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Features of Q-Tof Micro

The Q-Tof micro provides a powerful platform for MS and MS/MS analyses, upon which total system solutions may be designed to maximize data quality for your application.   The Q-Tof micro Mass Spectrometer offers:  

  • A small footprint—powerful Q-Tof technology on your benchtop  
  • ZSpray™—dual orthogonal source technology for unsurpassed sensitivity and ruggedness  
  • High resolution—5000 FWHM for resolving nominally isobaric ions  
  • Exact mass measurement—sub 5 ppm RMS in both MS and MS/MS modes  
  • Extended linear dynamic range for quantitative analysis  
  • oa-ToF analyzer—wide acquisition range of up to 20,000 m/z  
  • Data Directed Analysis (DDA™)—intelligent detection of compounds of interest for automated switching from MS to MS/MS  
  • Precursor Ion Discovery—patented acquisition techniques for class-specific analyses (i.e. detection of   specific structural motifs) using exact neutral loss or product ion detection  
  • Variable Flow Chromatography—with the Waters CapLC® System for enhanced MS/MS data quality  
  • Ease of use—wizard-driven system configuration and method editing for simplified operation
General Specifications

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Additional Specifications

  1. The Micromass Q-Tof micro MS is 180 mm wide by 635 mm deep by 1163 mm long and weighs 200 kg. It is mounted on 6 supporting feet. An external Edwards EM28 requires an additional 650 mm by 200 mm of floor space.  
  2. In the USA and Canada a single-phase 50 – 60 Hz supply at 230 V phase to neutral fused and rated at 15 A is required. Alternatively two phases of a 50 – 60 Hz 208 V phase to phase, 3 phase supply, rated and fused at 15 A may be used. It is mandatory that no other apparatus is connected to this supply.  

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