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GP Series Precision Industrial Balances

The GP Series incorporates our enhanced weighing sensor, the Double Leveraged Super Hybrid Sensor® (SHS). This technology brings the most accurate weighing results to high capacity precision balances.
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Features of GP Series
  • IP-65 Splash Proof Keyboard, Display and Base Units
  • GLP/GMP/ISO Compliance
  • ID Number
  • Optional Underhook
  • Internal Calibration
  • Perfect solution for asphalt/concrete aggregate and density testing
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Capacity/Resolution: 12 kg x 0.1 g  
Other units of measure: g, kg, lb, L OZ, OZ, ct, dwt, OZt, mom, TL, MS, tola, DS, % and counting PCS  
Repeatability/Standard. Dev.: 0.1g  
Sensitivity Drift (-10 to +30 °C): ±3ppm/ °C  
Counting Mode min. Unit Mass: 0.1g  
Percentage Mode min. 100% reference mass: 10g  
External Cal Mass: 5kg / 10kg  
Stabilization Time: Approx. 1.5 seconds (typical in FAST mode)  
Operating temperature: 5°C-40°C / 41°F-104°F, RH less than 85% (No condensation)  
Display Refresh: 5 times per second (stable) / 10 times per second (unstable)  
Counting Mode Sample Size: 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces  
Percent Mode min. 100% display: 0.01% / 0.1% / 1% (automatically switches depending on reference mass stored)  
Weighing Pan dimensions: Stainless steel 384mm x 344mm  
External Dimensions (column horizontal): 372(W) x 615(D) x 130(H) mm (Note:GP-30KS is a 344(W) x 442(D) x 130(H) mm)  
Height with column vertical: 652mm  
Net Weight: Approx 17kg

Series Modals

A&D Weighing - GP-100K, GP-100KS

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A&D Weighing - GP-102K

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A&D Weighing - GP-12K

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A&D Weighing - GP-20K

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A&D Weighing - GP-30K, GP-30KS

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A&D Weighing - GP-32K, GP-32KS

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A&D Weighing - GP-40K

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A&D Weighing - GP-60K, GP-60KS

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A&D Weighing - GP-61K, GP-61KS

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