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Powerful UV VIS spectrophotometer with singel- or double-beam mode due to SBT (Split Beam Technology)

Powerful UV VIS spectrophotometer with double-beam mode due to SBT (Split-Beam Technology).

The new concept behind the SPECORD 50 combines the high energy throughput of a single-beam spectrophotometer with the stability of a double-beam instrument. All this is due to the Split-Beam Technology (SBT). Unlike the classical double-beam spectrophotometer, by the far greater part of the source energy is used for the sample beam. Only a minor share of the radiation energy is branched off, via a beam splitter, and focused on a reference detector. From the two detector signals, the measuring system of the SPECORD 50 established the photometric result. This means that changes of the single-beam signal, due to variations in the light yield of the source, are compensated. Such variations may occur during source warm-up or ambient temperature changes.

Robust single-beam spectrophotometers for spectral region from UV to NIR. The approved, versatile single-beam spectrophotometer for the measurement of 190-1100 nm conforms to Ph.Eur. quality.
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Features of SPECORD® 40/50
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • Incredibly fast measurements
  • Exceptionally low detection limit
  • High short-term and long-term stability
  • No warm-up phase
  • Scanning of spectra as well as measurements at fixed wavelengths

The precision that conforms to standards

Stability, precision and reliability were our prime considerations when we designed the SPECORD® 50. As a result, the instrument easily conforms to the standards of pharmacopoeias like Ph. Eur., BP, USP, DAB or JPXIII. Features ensuring this include high wavelength accuracy, good photometric performance throughout the spectral range, low stray light, and a high resolving power - qualities that should make the SPECORD® 50 your first choice for exact, dependable results.

Designed for excellent results: The optical system

Satisfying the rigid standards of pharmacopoeias takes an instrument that is thought-out to the last detail. With its array of convincing performance features, the SPECORD® 50 readily qualifies:

Long life The optical components are quartzcoated for optimum protection and long service life. Stability The cast-aluminium base plate is a solid foundation for high optical and mechanical stability. An innovative split-beam technology and voltagestabilized radiation sources guarantee accurate measurements.

Reliability With a minimum of mechanically moving parts, the SPECORD® 50 functions are highly dependable. Computer-controlled stepper motors drive the filter wheel, the lamp switching mirror and the linear grating actuator.

Wavelength Responsible for the instrument's excellent wavelength accuracy and repeatability is an internal holmium filter for automatic wavelength calibration and special scanning capabilities (Step Scan mode).

Photometry Here is a spectrophotometer that has everything needed for excellent analyses: high energy yield, a good signal-to-noise ratio, low stray light, and digital resolution of the ordinate down to 21 bit. This means results of outstanding photometric accuracy, repeatability and linearity.

General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Wavelength range: 190 - 1100 nm
Photometric display range: - 8 to 8 A
Photometric measuring range: - 3 to 3 A
Wavelength accuracy: better than ± 0.3 nm
Wavelength repeatability: better than ± 0.1 nm
Stray light: 220 nm: < 0.03% T (Nal, ASTM)
Spectral bandwidth: 1.3 nm at 500 nm
Photometric accuracy: ± 0.003 A at A=1
Photometric repeatability: ± 0.0003 A at A=1
Long-term stability at 500 nm: better than 0.0005 A/h
Scanning speeds: up to 6000 nm/min
Power requirements: 110 or 230 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

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